Last night was just like all the others

No one was there to comfort him like the love of a mother

Knowing nothing but to weep

He cried himself to sleep             

Hoping tomorrow would be different

But they all seemed to have made the same commitment

He knew all too well what has going to happen when he got to school

They always treated him so rudely and so cruel

Always making him feel like an outcast

But none of them were ever willing to ask

They didn’t know what was really wrong

Or what was really going on

That he was constantly greeted with a hateful tone

When he returned to the foster home

That he was beat later that day

Never understanding the price he was having to pay

But he has grown tired of it all

Always the one being hurt and thrown to the wall

Tonight he has made a choice

Choosing not to use his voice

But instead action

Maybe to some it would bring satisfaction

Tonight he will end all his pain and strife

Tonight will be the night he takes his life


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