Self Empowerment Poem - By Avylyn Cress


Dear Starry-Eyed,

Five foot two doesn't determine the heights that you can go

Nor does your greatest adventure rely on the size of your shoe.

'Cause you've got a heart of not gold, but platinum!

Keep your hopes high, upwards is where you shoot.

You hear talk where they say 'the sky is the limit!'

But they are fools; need not forget we made it to the moon. 


Just let this sink, deep within the depths of your mind.

No goal is too far nor too big for how little you are.

Nothing should be able to chain you or degrade you

From reaching the highest and brightest star.

You'll do great things one day, you may change the world.

For small things sure can make an immense impact on the heart.


Live for the moment,

Live without fear.

Love those who love you,

No matter the farther nor the near.

Now raise up your glass,

Keep your head up right.

The best is yet to come, my dear.


Cheers to you, 

Miss Starry-Eyed



(Avylyn Lea Cress)


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