I had a pretty regular childhood

I was outside all day, smashed bugs, played sports and thought girls had COOTIES!

By definition I grew up like a boy should

In fact if you looked in a dictionary you would probably see my muddy face

Next to the word “B-O-Y”

Growing up though I found myself steadily defined by words,

Each Stage of life more and more restricted than the last

Eventually I found myself in a cell

Barred by the very words, that have been defining me my whole life.

Although I felt secluded I could see I wasn’t the only one.

There were many other individual cells defined by the life of the inhabitant.

When did we allow words to become physical and mental barriers?

Barriers that make a status quo only few can follow

Status quos that make people pick up an instrument for cooking

And turn it into an instrument of self-destruction,

Ironic, Self equals a bomb of people getting hurt in their radius

And no one thinks there’s a problem,

They just Sit,


 And Repost

Using the number of likes and comments to justify their existence

And defining their very essence of who they are

For many in this wolrd living has become

Less about skys the limit and originality

and more about factory made clones

Living by a book of regulated  definitions 


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