This Doomed Generation


This generation is the end they all say.
We hear this by teachers at least once a day.
You will amount to nothing is frequently stated
By those we look up to not those who are hated.
We give you our lives for the first 18 years
To mold us into adults with the rest of our peers.
You group us together and treat us like one
When you teach uniqueness and difference to everyone.
How can you be a hypocrite of what you teach?
How can we have the confidence to obtain the goals we must reach?
Apparently our lives are YOLO, drugs, and alcohol.
You don't even know us not just a little but at all.
We are the kids that are over looked.
We are the ones that don't party but read books.
We are the ones who are doomed to fail.
Wasted space, never to prevail.
How can we amount to anything when you do not believe
That we can make a difference before we take our leave.
You cannot blame the kids for how they grow up
When we are a direct result of you; the grown ups.
Do not blame your own creation
It was you who aided this unruly generation.
"They are doomed" is something you can no longer say
Because this generation is not the end, at least not today.


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