Journey to the Top

I stared down from the peak of the crag as nothing but rope and pure strength supported me

As I turned my head, I heard only wind and thought around me

Two hundred feet below me stood the rest of the pack, but up there, I was alone

They say that it is lonely at the top, and this is true,

But look where the journey to the top has gotten me

The battle to the peak was just that--

Sticks and leaves spat in my face as I ascended another foot up the rock

Telling me to stop my journey, to go back down and be like everyone else

My trembling arms wept from exhaustion and fear of the challenge ahead

But the warm April breeze filled my body with hope and perseverance

As I progressed, my soul ached for solid ground, for familiarity

The change of scenery did nothing for the screaming child inside

She longed to be on the ground like the rest, to feel the same contentedness that they did

But she was never content on familiar, solid ground

She longed to amount to something more, and so the screaming subsided as I persevered

If one thing was for certain in the swirling tangle of thought that engulfed my head

It was that I could not give up

Persistence had led me to the top, to the peak of the rock that I had so squeamishly tackled

And even though the others would have their thoughts, I was, there, in that moment, different

The goal had been reached, the end met, and the view from the top was spectacular




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