The True American Experience


The true American experience

Is like a tree.                                                                      

As we come together we

Grow tall and strong.

Our roots are buried deep in our rich

Soil, soaking up knowledge and history.

Trees have their past draped

Around their trunk; perhaps

Ours is wrapped around our flag, or maybe

Soldiers carry it around in their pockets.

We contain tides of history,

Grasping the knowledge of past experiences

That has been hidden from the common view.

We all take part in a precious story, though

No history book or tree can

Explain the vast greatness of our past,

For it makes us who we are today.

Americans as a whole, a tree

Are connected forever through branches,

Holding on to both past and future in unbelievable ways.

No one can undo these ties or deny

The sacred knowledge of its bonds.

These connections are just a mere fraction of time and space

That touch every single one of us while it

Shapes our society.

Absorbing the history of our nation

Will help restore the awareness

That lingers in time.

Let no one forget the brave souls that have

Passed before us.

Let no time slip away without giving honor to those souls.

These memories threaten to be engulfing, but

While you stand in the midst of it all,

Time drips through your fingers like water

And all you have left is the history you made and the impact

It had on our nation.

The true American experience is wrapped around the

Branches of our tree, helping it grow.

Devoting your life to the cause of liberty is the true

American experience.


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