Flaccid Independence-The Real Crisis In America

Thu, 01/02/2014 - 02:21 -- amrojo

She blinks and gapes and her mouth spouts crap
The audience stares and claps and their mouths flap

I sit and watch and wonder how or maybe even why
They talk like I care and wonder about nigh

Is this what they want the world to know them as?
To be seen as loud and simple minded and crass

In China they slave away; in Egypt they fight
In America they are all bark and no bite

No new ideas or we will riot Americans cry
And the government willingly will on us spy

The land of the free is the land of the damned
A soul is cursed for being different and then banned

“Our countries borders we must defend,
Marriage is unholy when between two men”

Judgmental and set in their own way
Blind to struggles and what others say

A perfect country has no bigotry and racism
But they say that these things are borderline fascism

What have they come to; why do they shout
Do they even care what this country is about?
America the beautiful; home of the brave
America is suffering; they’re considered knave

I live there I see these atrocities but I am helpless
For I am a student and thus considered thoughtless

Grow up America; put on your big boy pants
Realize you’re wrong and give others a chance

Reform now and make a real difference
Or live forever in flaccid independence

Words have no power; the sword is mightier
There is no opinion of worth from of a writer

Can we talk to the people; let them decide
Will the people stop electing idiots who lie?

I won’t take this any longer, my voice will be heard
I demand that stereotyping be finally cured

Yes I am white but that does not make me more
Yes he is black but that does not make him poor

Stop trashing those who are different
All people are to this country committed

America, you can be beautiful; home of the brave
If you could just learn how to properly behave.




A very real poem. My only suggestion is to stray away from writing in that "sing-song" tone. I've always thought poetry to be much more power if it flows rather than rhymes (although be able to do both is even better!).

Nicely written!

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