On Testing


I hate testing,

the way it makes me feel nervous 

and unprepared prior to approaching it.

The anxiety of failure lurking in the shadows afterwards.

During, enduring a twisted metal contraption,

a gut wrench, turning away in my stomach.

Oh testing, I hate testing,


When my mind feels like it couldn't be

stressed in any new direction,

it never fails to teach a lesson. 

The test mocks me!

It charms my lobes,

and in a trance they'll over extend

until all that remains is

a delicate web of over thought ideas

tired and worn expressions.

Oh testing, I hate testing.


The mere prescence of a test is enough 

to make my heart tremble.

The clean sheet of paper before me resembles my mind.

I wish I could match the brilliance of my thoughts

as they hastily escape the event,

leaving me to fend for myself...

Oh testing...





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