The Road to El Dorado


Right as my gold rush fever slowed

I stumbled on the mother lode

But someone else had claimed that road—


The road to El Dorado.


I was tired of falling for fool’s gold and flakes

And those other mistakes

That never panned out well.


Every boomtown that I’d ever known

Became a place the ghosts called “home”

Where memories dragged on, alone—


But I found El Dorado.


In his golden-flecked eyes

Was the prize

So I stopped digging dirt and went mining the skies—


But someone else knew El Dorado.


And she’s his darling Clementine

I know her treasure can’t be mine

I’ve never seen a gem so fine—


The queen of El Dorado. 


No, she will not throw down the box

Or leave her jewel for paltry rocks.


I’m left in the mine dump; best hope is a claim jump.


But I would never steal him away.


Yet I can’t settle for tailings

Or swallow my failings.

I’m leaving this land with the dream of smooth sailing,

And one day—


I’ll find Treasure Island.


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