Cherry street


Here I sit

Here I sit in a bed no bigger then me,
With blankets tossed,

And my skin pressed to the old worn sheets.
Sitting in a room with tarnished clothes on the floor ,
In a tiny tiny house,
The only thing we could afford.
And my parents cant find jobs,
I think they forgot to look,
In a washed up town,
With dope dealers,
Kids without parents and,
People judged by the covers of their books.

And innocent ones that make difference and standby
While the unavailing ones take the notoriety
And we sink while they fly.
How about the little girl down the block,
Who daddy is fighting for our country,
And she impotently counts the minutes until hes home
Tick tock, tick tock.
Then there’s the mirthful man whos always on the corner
He carries his can with a dime
A nickel
And 3 quarters
He is one step further than me,
he is already homeless

Waiting for salvation to call his name up from cherry street.
But that doesn’t even compare to the drunken man
Whos house I hear screams from
Nearly every night
Because his two baby girls don’t know how
To put up a fight.
And he is just so careful not to leave a bruise
He only fights the battles
That he could never lose.
And were all drowning in the depths of our own despair
Waiting for someone to save us
Because life,
just isn’t fair.


hailey roth

My favorite part of this poem is that i think it takes little bit  from each my biggest world concerns. I think it not only is about povert, but also speaks for children, because sometimes we are left in a fate. But i think it speaks for more than one reigon of important issues.

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