You Only Write Once?

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 15:09 -- krschle


You only write once?

Perhaps they don't understand that

We as students only have one shot at a frist impression. 

So in other words, we do only write once. 

We write that one paper, that one document

To see if we are good enough to get into the shool we want. 

We only write once to gain a first impression.

We only write once to lay everything on the table.

We only write once to see where our future takes us. 

As students, we are taught to write every day.

And every day, we grow and we learn. 

Each and every day leads up to that one day where we 

Turn in that One paper. 

Yes, we write every day, 

But that doesn't matter.

Because all that matters is that one that makes us say that

We do only write once. 

All that matters is that we get it right Once. 



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