A Step to Reality


Living in this world sometimes disgusts me.
How can I find the beauty in life with all these tragedies.
They tell us to reach for the sky, but life tends to brings us back down.
See, I was a happy kid, that was until I realized how bad the world really was.
Couldn't even trust family because they weren't who they said they really were
I looked up to them.
I loved them. 
But before i realized it, 
I slowly started to hate them.
They didn't give a fuck about us
We lost our home,
our friendships,
our identity.
All they did was shrug shoulders because it wasn't them who were going through these things
They didn't have to leave their home
They didn't have to move to a complete different county
They didn't have to leave all the friendships they had made throughout the years. 
To them, we were nothing
Cant believe this is happening again. 
But even though I was homeless, this is nothing
Other people in the world have it worse.
Yes I had no home, but at least I had somewhere to go.
Yes we weren't as well off, but at least I had food to eat and clothes to keep me warm.
My world was slowly falling apart
I started getting depressed and the world became really dark.
What surprised me the most was, it wasn't just my little world.


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