Natures Dance



Light like the dandilions in the midsts of April.

Fresh like the grass gleaming green

Calm like the summers breeze

Exilirating like the morning humming birds


The melody flows within me

Rings like the morning mission bells

Energizing is the flow, everlasting like the Nile waters witch gleam a holy blue color

Flows forever like the nights stars, and as sweet as sugars touch


One move after another; another after the next

Linked like the lights of the sky

One alone wont satisfy; but together create a work of art

One move could change the outcome or make the difference


One move could express the difference between; the happy; and the depressed

Like David; he expressed himself before his god; dancing with joy

Dancing with an open heart, mind, and love for life with no regard for the surrounding hoi polloi

One move could express more then any word man could speak through his sinful mouth


Listening to the beat; to the beat of thy heart

Feeling natures energy; the energy all around us

Limits; push my mind to see what others refuse to confront

Moving; moving my body to natures harmony; natures melody.


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