Not Like Others

      Not Like Others

We find it so easy to judge others

Yet we may know nothing about them

We find it so easy to criticize every little thing that they do

But should we even care?

If you dislike someone isn’t it easier to just avoid them?

It is so easy to judge without knowing their background

It is so easy to judge without knowing what they have been through

Yet how can you judge someone so easily?

They always say to ‘Never judge a book by its cover’

Yet who actually follows that rule?

We allow ourselves to judge others from what we first see

Realistically that is part of our nature

Realistically that is something we cannot control

But I rather say that I looked past it all and gave someone a chance

I rather keep my thoughts to myself than say then aloud

Because what if those words were the breaking point for someone

What if instead those words were encouraging?

Would they have made a difference?

The way we treat others says a lot about ourselves

If you treat people with kindness, you will be treated the same way back

Not everyone is going to be the same and that is a shame

But positive things tend to rub off on others

Wish others well because you will gain nothing from doing the opposite

Be that person who people have nothing but nice things to say about

Be true and real to yourself

Because being a kind and honest person is what matters

Being kindhearted is what matters to me


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