Love Pangs


The sensation I felt replaced the darkness

I ran to it hoping that it was mutual

For years I stuck by you

Praying for the truth

With endless nights of wistful wishing

Then I dream dreams of my dreams

With you and I together

Forever in harmony

I wept continuously for that beautiful thought

Your name brought me love pangs


As I sit out on the porch

To bask in the summer light

I gaze across the field

And see you there, standing still

My heart jumps, I slowly get up

To begin my run, into your arms


But like a cloud

You move on

Away from here to different skies

I look up to the moon and wonder 

Are you lookin at the same moon

My face becomes wet as I close my eyes

Praying that you miss me, as I miss you

Because your name

Brings me love pangs


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