Where I'm From


I am from intricate, steel-blue corridors in a big grey sailing vessel

From old-bay seasoned blue crabs

And tutus and rain boots on the first day of school


I am from a military post

From hotel rooms and moving boxes


I am from oceans, lakes, and rivers

Whose Embrace I never seem to escape


I am from Girl Scout cookies and cherry blossoms -


From Gonzales and Fleck - 


I am from short-tempered and stubborn - 

From unstable and particular

And from surprisingly close-knit for our size


I am from bless us o lord

From barbequed pulled pork and octopus on a stick


From across the border

And from 21412 – beloved Bancroft hall

From plane flights to unfamiliar places

And - Home Is Where The Navy Sends You - 



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very expressive

continue to keep writng

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