Children of Tomorrow

The world was giving to us so we could take control.

So we can wake up to take crazy turns, and reach new heights.

So we can face each day to see what we can create out of ourselves.

But the world is not what it seems.

Yea you still can take crazy turns but to some,

reaching that new height may be too high.

Instead of you finding the person you try to be,

the world categorizes you.

You'll be first eaten up and devoured before anything,

then spit back out ino the wilderness of darkness before a word said.

If I ever have a chance or even a wish,

I would change the world.

Change the world for the better where everyone gives others a chance.

Where right only exist and wrong never was.

Children can grow up with no fear in their hearts,

and the smile on their faces will be everlasting.

Then the children of tomorrow will have a chance,

and tomorrow will be a better place.



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