Price tag


United States
41° 55' 17.5512" N, 87° 42' 8.9352" W

How much could your liberty cost?

Physical liberty.

That is the one I am referring to.

The one by people in some countries die.

There you have the answer,

To die for.

People that pay with live.

Live which is consumed by the rulers

Rulers who all they want is power and money

Regarding that we all are brothers



Human Rights,

All are broken.

The fight against this must star,

Pace and communications

Are our weapons.

And because we are brothers

We need to help to draw a smile in the people that are really suffering in this scenario.

Discover your power to help,

Even if You Only Write Once

The world will know your good intentions.

Cut the price tag,

Cut the chains

In order to make a change.



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