MY future

Indie music, Starbucks, and a laptop in front of me:

Every tab open has something to do with my future.

All they care about is college and what I want to be,

Do they even realize I am not quite fully mature?


The past six months of my life have been overly stressful.

SATs and ACTs, extracurriculars too,

I can’t remember one Sunday I’ve had that was restful,

Almost too much for me to even think I have to do.


Mom and Dad, can’t you see that I am giving it my all?

I’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted, but hey I did try.

I mean, come on. This whole year I have not hit one wall!

And for that I am damn proud, even if you do not get why.


Sorry if that was a too blunt, but you only write once right?


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