To The Broken One


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United States
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The real story is among us,

We know you've been hurt.

No one is around for you to trust,

all you know is suffering,

and you've been broken.

No light shining through,

your dark skies that surround you.

Always filled with anger,

to hide your pain.

Your feelings bottled inside for centuries it seems,

because you've been broken.

I have your answers.

Answers to why you hurt others.

Why you feel you don't know yourself.

How to put back your pieces and 

come back from being broken.

You were once the victim,

the one who suffered.

And now you have your own victimes. 

To show them how you felt. 

To get rid of your pain and feelings of hurt.

To hide that your broken.

Be you.

Grow stronger from what you've been through.

End this awful chain of cause and effect.

Stand up for yourself and others.

Be heard.

Tell the world your story.

Show others like you,

that you can be put back together,

and to not break others. 


Need to talk?

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