One Beautiful Soul


Since I was young, I had a fascination with people. How they walked and talked. The piercing colors in their eyes and the size of their hands and feet. I remember watching television shows with my family and observing the intricate design of each individual person. The uniqueness of one person from the next mesmerized me. I always loved to watch and observe the behavior of a person. Over the years though, not a single person has left me as hopelessly captivated by their flawless nature as one person. I guess you could say it all began with a crooked smile. Not the friendly hello of a smile that you exchange with a passing stranger on the street.. No, it was the kind of smile that warms the soul. The kind that’ll reel you in and leave you to search for more. It didn’t stop at a smile. A friendship formed. A bond. A love. I found myself learning more about this person than I ever thought I would. How their eyes were a beautiful, sparkling blue with flecks of  piecing green. How they popped in the light, and how they still seemed to shine in the night. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and with those crystal clear eyes I could see straight through to a beautiful soul. As time passed I saw more of the beauty from this inimitable soul. The ease in their step. Their gentle touch. The intelligence that flowed from their lips as they spoke. Strange as may sound, a persons step and touch are very unique. In this case, their step described a kind of determination, yet distraction in their walk. Always in a hurry to get somewhere, but uncertain of where or when because of obstacles along their path. Their touch showed the gentle nature, as well as a hand not able to hold on to important things. They love with their hands, but have yet to figure out how to grasp the love they so desperately want and keep it. A person’s speech is also intriguingly unique in that not everyone that speaks knows what they’re saying. For some, speech is just words. Not for this person. The way this person speaks continuously stuns me. Not only by their words, but by their humor. Their ability to laugh at a variety of subjects and a vast understanding of topics and discussions. They speak with such fluidity and passion. They’re rarely outspoken and speak a powerful truth with their words. As the time went on, I not only learned that this person was a beautiful soul in so many ways, but that they were also in likeness with me. From the movies we liked, music we liked, our activities and hobbies, to what we laughed at, who we loved, who we hated, and how we carried ourselves in times of greatest pain. I had never met a person so much like myself, and because of the likeness, I wanted to learn more. With this specific person, pinpointing my favorite quality about them is next to impossible. It’s difficult to decide which part of a person you like best when there’s countless things to choose from. I’ll always find beauty in how a person defines their character. Through their actions, language, likes and dislikes, their ability to treat others, and their love for others. I learned so much about that beautiful soul before they had to leave my life. But one thing is certain, I won’t stop learning just because they’re gone. I’ve always had a fascination with people. How they walked and talked. The color of their eyes, and the size of their hands and feet. People amaze me. And this one person in particular stands out among the many others in my mind. 


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