Hiding behind closed doors of broken dreams and promises never lasting 
Stuck behind the mirror of reflection 
Reminiscing on what ifs and what could have beens 
Why can't I leave
My head..
My feet won't move 
My feelings compelling me farther 
I want out! 
The Lies dragging me to the deep end of life
And the pain sneaks up on me...
All at once
Pulling me down
I drown..
Drown in a pool full of my tears 
Tears wasted on something...
Who never saw my full potential 
Who never really cared enough 
To look past my flaws 
And only saw the worst in me...
I finally gain enough courage 
And I walk to the door...
Only to find that it's locked tight.. 
And the key is on the other side....
I bang on it and I plead!
There's no escape
Darkness overcomes me..
More darkness. 
I scream 
but no words come out
I hit the ground 
The pain flows through my body 
Nothing I haven't felt before 
Voices call at me
Screaming at me
Telling me i'm
Not pretty 
Not smart
I can never and 
Will never do anything right..
They tell me that
I'm not loved
Not wanted
I'm just a mistake
That was never corrected
Tears streaming down my face
I close my eyes 
And run...
Running aimlessly 
I reach another door 
I open it and look inside
It's someone there 
They notice me and run out. 
I try to follow
and they're gone. 


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