Life in the city of LA


Hate and violence fills the streets
Money love and power is how everyone thinks 
Without a doubt and full of greed, these Compton streets never sleep
Gun shots and sirens ring through the air, a simple sound not a single person should have to bear. 
Police and deputy's clear the streets, while the ambulance arrive to save a fading heart beat. 
We say, why? No way! how can it be? Such a young soul losing a life to these streets? 
An innocent 5yr old who could barely stand on his own two feet! 
A scream, a cry coming from deep, the mother of the victim lays there and weeps. 
The mother looks up with a blank stare, screaming and cursing saying life isn't fair. then pulls out a gun to try and end her life right then and there. 
Life without her son  just could not compare. She looks to god and says why couldn't you just take us as one pair. Bang! 
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