It All Matters To Me


I sit here and think

How have I come to be,

This young man that has transformed

It all matters to me.

I see how my world has unfolded

In one year more than three,

And I appreciate those years

It all matters to me.

My journey began freshman year

And ended as I sat atop the tree,

Learning new skills and building new friendships

It all matters to me.

I've learned so much in those four years

More than I ever thought to see;

It has shaped who I am

It all matters to me.

I took certain classes

To figure out my desired degree;

I narrowed my choices down to two

It all matters to me.

It all matters to me.

Learning facts from my teachers

Or having a good chuckle with friends,

The people that have surrounded me

Have changed my life forever.

The school spirit throughout my school

Is something that's not matched;

I was part of something

That will always last.

Whether I was sitting in class

Or cheering on my classmates,

I became my own person

Who is ready for what's next.

My peers and I

Have traveled down this road together,

Each of us gaining an identity

That has shaped our bright futures.

I sit here and think

How have I been transformed?

And what shall I take away,

From the best four years of my life?

No longer am I shy

And no longer am I afraid

To make a difference in this world

And that's all that matters to me.

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