Superheroes in Green


I look around and I am surrounded

totally, completely, utterly surrounded like a cocoon

But this isn't a nice and cozy surrounding,

this is garbage on the ground, cigarettes ground to stubs


And the stench of death is lingering, but

people keep saying,

"It's not really the smell of death."

I hardly hear them though,

'cause I'm too busy trying to plug my nose

While I watch the grass wilt and the flowers strain,

straining for life, and the roots deep below the earth are withering up.

And I can hear trees SCREAMING out, but I don't want to hear it.

That's the thing though, isn't it?

Nobody wants to hear it.

People want to laugh and joke about global warming,

kids don't wanna go see nature, they want to play shoot-the-duck video games.

No wonder the sun wants to burn us to a crisp,

I mean we're so busy worrying about what OTHER PEOPLE think,

we don't worry about how the rest of the world thinks.

'Cause, the world isn't just a bunch of humans,

the world is EVERYTHING.

Everything around us is the world, and this

This moment, here and now,

this is the time to save the world.

To keep the sun from wanting to burn us up,

cause right now? We kind of deserve it.

We torture the world around us, and laugh it off, throwing our trash on the ground.

But we don't have to do that. We don't NEED to do that.

It's time to stop thinking of how 'saving the world' sounds cheesy,

It's time to stop thinking it's somebody else's job.

It's time to don our capes and masks,

and save the friggin' world.



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