I live in the shadows to

       let you soak up the sun. It looks

better in your skin than mine. I let it

go. (watched you slipped so rapidly) I'm

moving along. I cannot hear the lovely ballad of songs

          that you whispered for so long.

(you no longer breathe my name) How

can I be me without



(yet you are galaxies away, 

                    dancing in starlight so

bright that I cannot see- breathe, count to ten,

scream, let it out, let me back in please I'll

beg, I swear I won't leav-

                            The starlight fades,

ethereal shine leave residue on my fingertips where

I reached out

and loved you one last time)


All the precious gems in the world could not compensate,

for the treasure so close to my heart

(a fatal mistake- can I ever recover?) it stopped.

The doctors told me there was no more



It was totally silent (it cannot be, come

back to me, please. come back to arms that

will smother your burning light.)


The doctors told me the murmur talked to

my heart stopped- why

have you left me?

                    Was it not good enough

to live in the light while I mimicked your

motion at night.


( it is too cold,

           There are no more stars, no more

pretty light, or shiny hope-

please, please, please I am not strong


            You are galaxies away,

                        why have you left me?)


There is nothing,

          the doctors press a hand to a neck,

and last thing to do is

tell a friend is,

        "Your friend said something

about chasing stars, galaxies are where

their bodies lay at rest, dancing in the light for the

last time."


  "They were saying goodbye."


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