scattered blue on the floor

broken lives knocking at her door

they were chased away by here fears

which quickly turned into tears

praying to a god she didn't believe in 

just so she might survive long enough not to

then she slammed inside out

now floating up

stuck on the ceiling .... starring at the mess she made

watching her crimson rivers flow

wishing she could take it back

but only just about a half

to feel, to breath, to never need

and to always be numb

then scattered back into reality

what a shock

but still there is that shattered blue

broken lives screaming in her ears

a never ending parade of tears

so she prayed to a god she will never believe in

just trying to catch a little hope

because her crimson rivers could no longer flow

a prisoner of her own creation

shattered back in

just wanting to be numb again

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