I woke up early that morning

It was sunny, everything seemed okay.

My brother wasnt home yet

For some reason that worried me

It’s not something that would normally worry me

A couple hours later I found out I had reason to worry

My brother was dead

I wanted to be dead

My life seemed over, the world seemed destroyed

At that moment my heart was ripped open

I didn’t think wounds like that could heal

But they did turn into scars

Scars that still ache

Scars that will always ache

But the pain slowly subsided

Until even though it still hurt

I no longer wanted to cry

I don’t blame my brother for leaving me

I’m glad he doesn’t have to live with pain anymore

He is smiling down at me

Watching me turn into a wonderful women

And waiting for me to join him one day

But that one day isn’t going to be any time soon

I’m going to grow old

Fall in love

And have a beautiful child

That shares his name

Tyler Mathew


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