Memoir of a Lovesick Preschooler

It was a hot day at Yiyah's

So we went inside to play

A game of Sleeping Beauty

That soon went astray.


All three sat on the capet

Criss-cross applesauce.

I laid out the rules

Because I fancied myself boss.


Wynn and I would be spellbound

Asleep in a tower tall,

When Ross would come to the rescue

Kissing us one and all.


So Wynn and I reclined,

Our lips puckered up tight;

I closed my eyes and pictured Ross,

My brave and gallant knight.


I waited and waited and waited,

But no peck grazed my cheek.

Finally I could not bear it

So I ope'd my eyes and peeked.


What I saw was awful.

My eyes bugged at the sight.

My man was cuddling Wynn,

Eyes gleaming in the light.


I popped up to my feet

And stormed at them in fury.

My lover was a traitor.

My vision became blurry.


"KISS ME NOW!" I roared,

Jerking up my chin.

Ross pulled his eyes off her and whispered,

"Rachel, I pick Wynn."



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