The Feeling of Roller Skating



The rocky surface i feel

 beneath my feet.

Gliding like an arrow

 in the wind. 

My hair gets in my face 

and i gently push it in back

 of my ears. Every inch of my 

body burning with the 

scorshing sun on top of me. 

Sweat drops running down 

my face and so i wipe them off.

The breeze cools my body as it

 hits my skin and the heat 

turns down. Twists and turns

 i make like leaves dancing in 

the wind while the music is

 banging at my ears. I come to 

a stop and rest my hands on 

my knees and then look down 

taking a moment of rest. 

I then look up and keep on going.

The sun is about to set and 

the nights about to come so i 

must go inside now. I go inside 

and take the skates off and 

feet as usual in pain.

But that does not matter at all.

What matters is that my mind is 

fresh and clean of any doughts.

Roller skating sure helps me out.



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