The Love Song of Martha

The Love Song of Martha Alvarado “Dusk is just an illusion because the sun is either above the horizon or below it. And that means that day and night are linked in a way that few things are there cannot be one without the other yet they cannot exist at the same time. How would it feel I remember wondering to be always together yet forever apart?” -Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook


Let us go then, you and I

Where the hunger never dies

And hazy dreams hum a song

Let us go to streets filled with children’s play

The laughter of a tender age gone by

An innocent daughter much too shy

Swinging benches long ago in warm summer skies

A still portrait of a once upon a time

The fading streets on a plain white house

Of a much familiar life, an old story to be told

This moment, this time, you will not understand this heart of mine

A future, unknown, a past, unknown, the present is the only thing known

The rain never ceases. . .

The tears that fall appear every season

When the sun kisses the bright red horizon

When the moon embraces the darkening sky

A family runs deep within streams of the plain white house

Sharing each moment in playful laughs and hateful stares

Unaware of a goodbye too soon to come along

An innocent mind oblivious to the falling skies before her

The shaking earth beneath each foot, beneath each heart

Muttering sounds of disregard filled with yesterday’s regrets

Giving away this heart of mine to a still and playful life

Hearing whispers on the streets of something named forever

Something named forever I shall believe, like pixie dust and magic beans

Fairies, mermaids and happily ever afters in a young spirit

Promises, promises, of princes, frogs and magic spells

Forever will last, in big castles and falling stars

Forever will last, in painted skies and golden rainbows

This I shall believe, with eyes shut tight and fingers crossed

Everything becomes real and nothing becomes unreal

A child’s optimistic views of a made up world

Wishing on the birthday candles and popping candy

Forever will last, forever will last, this I shall believe

The rain never ceases. . .

The tears that fall appear every season

Giving away this heart of mine to a still and playful life

Staring into the eyes of my forever

With a gentle smile and tender hugs and kisses

Dancing in the rain with glitter and gold

Singing in the snow with sprinkles and sweets

Whispering, I believe, I believe I am no silly child, fairy tales do exist

In floating dresses and tiny red shoes

I am Running to a still and playful life

With tiny hands and eyes filled with the innocence of a child I am a child, nothing but a hopeful child

Holding on to the guidance of my only known I have seen them all pass by

All of my once upon a times and colorful pages

A once wild imagination has passed by I have seen them, my fearless heart and careless play

My twinkling stars and moons that shine I have seen them all pass by

My fairy tales and princes and frogs

My dances are not singing, and my singing is not dancing I have seen them pass me by, the heart that once was mine

What I once believed, I have seen them all pass by

Silly smiles and the sweet laughter of my spirit

What once was vibrant and colorful

What once was sweet scented and joyful

Two beating hearts in one soul

She is mine and I am hers

She looks at me; her reflection in myself, forever will last

Words can not speak between her and I

She stole my heart, that still and playful life

The life that gave me life, her and I

Time comes in Silent moments in desperate stares

What is left, love will always be there ________________________________________

In moments of despair, refusing to believe

Forever is not there, forever had lied

Fairy tales no more, only tears that I have cried

The skies above I should have been

Where the warmth of the sun touches first ________________________________________

This life and this world have been so unforgiving

For I have watched my forever disappear I gave her my heart; she was that still and playful life

Her face seemed to be drowned in a fading memory

She took my youth and my once upon a times with her

A part of me she was, for I was hers and she was mine

Scattered all about, the years have gone, in such a slow way In such a slow unforgiving way, how long will it stay?

Two beating hearts in one soul, ripped apart in distance, what a toll

No more floating dresses and tiny red shoes, for I am all grown

She was my childhood in that plain white house

She was the mother I gave my child like heart to

Would this life of mine be so different?

The missing piece to a masterpiece

She was the key to a closed door

A shining light in a dark room

The beginning to my end, and the end to my beginning

Unspoken words and in silent air Someday, I say, someday, she says

Together again, like floating dresses and tiny red shoes

Happily ever afters and forevers I will not again lose

Still making wishes on falling stars In painted skies and golden rainbows, with glitter and gold

Dancing in the rain, I will never be ashamed I have left my youthful years behind

Who was she and who was I?

She looks at me; her reflection in myself, forever will last I say, someday forever will last

My years have slipped through slippery slopes of time

Who knew that we would ever say goodbye In that still portrait of a once upon a time In the streets filled with my own young memories I was 4 and then no more, riding bikes and kicking bouncy balls

Long tangled curly hair, much like her I am

She gave me life but took my heart, when did it all begin?

This I know and not much more, someday forever will come true

________________________________________ I am not much like Helen Keller

I will not triumph in every obstacle and my will is not as strong

I trip and fall more than I stand up, and am often wrong

My heart is right I know, it was out my control

Things will happen, things will go, it was out my control

What will become of yesterday, do I dare take a step to tomorrow?

Yes I dare for I am here, and she is there

Someday we still say, someday we will catch the sun’s rays

Someday we still say, someday will be the day I grow old, I grow old It is a different story now to be told I am weak, I am strong, with her is the missing part of me

What will become of me? Inside is a floating dress and tiny red shoes

With a bright red sun on the horizon, and an open path to a dream

The future is in the tiny hands of an optimistic child

A daughter much too shy will now know why

The world is cruel but this I know, in this life, I will rule

I have seen them all pass by

The dreams I though I lost, I have become anew

This I know, she is that still and playful life I gave my heart to Forever will come by, ill wait until I die

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Junia Noel

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