The Book Of Life

Fri, 01/24/2014 - 09:37 -- 14gacox


My life is an open book,

That has not yet been finished.

Every page is my story,

Every chapter is an adventure.


There are characters in my story who stay throughout,

Not changing, never leaving, here at my side beginning to end.

There are others who come and are gone, whenever they please,

Only for a short time and then forever gone.


The next few chapters are all ups and downs,

From my family problems, to the life I live at school.

It's all just a blur, a vision, a dream,

Another chapter for my story,

A plan, a scheme.


To others I'm the cover of a book,

Just a picture to them and nothing more.

They judge me by my looks, my clothes, and my hair,

Never bothering to look deeper, to see what's inside.

Like a cover of a book, I'm different from the next ,

Judged only by my cover,

No more, no less.


Like every book, my story must come to an end.

A life full action, sadness,  kindness and hardships.

I started at the beginning the day I was born,

I will work my way through, until the end.

And when I am done, my story will be over

But for me, my adventure has just begun.


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