Old Enough

Mon, 01/06/2014 - 02:13 -- reehoe


I may not be dumb,
But that does not mean I’m smart.
I’m old enough now
To take care of my own heart.
So that’s what I had thought,
Then I chose the wrong guy.
I felt pain, hurt, and guilt;
Every word was a lie.
It’s not like I hated him;
I just couldn’t wait to go back home.
Truth is I didn’t love him.
I just didn’t want to be alone.
Selfish as I was being,
It broke my heart every day.
I didn’t want to hurt him,
But it hurt me just to stay.
A selfless act on my part,
To simply want to make him smile.
Each time he said “I love you,”
It hurt for more than just a while.
You’re always there when I need you,
Just like a friend or brother would.
For me to let go and love back,
I’m not really sure if I could.
There’s no passion—No lust,
No heart pounding glory,
It’s not romance—Not yearn,
Just a heart breaking story.
This chronicle is over,
I’m sorry that we have to end.
But before I walk off,
There’s a message I have to send;
Love’s described as red,
But it can also fade to blue.
I can’t love you back,
I want to,
But I’m too young to.


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