Darkened Repose

I think I have been awakened,

From a slumber so deep and dark,

One that has trapped my body for eons,

One that almost consumed me whole

You ask how is it possible?

That sleep has taken me away from life

Well you wouldn't understand would you?

Unless you were sleeping with me

Yes we are now awakened

By a power more glorious and stronger than our weaknesses

A power that has reached into the pit of our dormacy and pulled us out

A power that has battled with our demons and contortions of mind

Yes this power has awakened me from my sleep

Has shed me from my torpid shackles,

Has unbelted me from my lethargic contraints

And how relieved I am to be out of my slumber

For in it I found nothing but loss

And for the first time in a long time

I see more than just a black abyss


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