Phenomenal Woman


I am a phenomenal woman!

I am black, strong, proud, and hopeful.

I am some so sweet, but like anyone else, I won't let you step on me.

I am different and hard to comprehend.

I someone weird, a true friend.

I am girly and fragile, but I fight for what I believe.

I am a phenomenal woman!

Don't like me?

That's ok, It won't change me in anyway.

I am not like other teens.

I don't party, smoke, drink, or have sex with the team.

I am me.

I am a phenomenal woman!

I am not perfect and I don't pretend to be.

I love the Lord and my family and I promise nobody will come between.

I am a lady saving my temple for my husband.

I am a phenomenal woman!

People look at my skin and say I cannot achieve.

Look at these high class people, our President, don't judge me.

Remember me as I am, spunky, poetic, beautiful, weird, and everything God has made me.

I am a phenomenal woman!




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