I guess that's the only way to describe it

Aimlessy wandering trying to hide your own confusion

Reaching and grabbing 

Hoping that maybe this time, you'll get what you've been after


So fast you begin to loose focus on what you had originally wanted

Being pulled to and fro

Here and there

Snatched up and stomped down

Kaos ensues, and everything begins to fall apart

You begin to loose, yourself and your heart

Not knowing when or how or WHY all of this has happened in the first place

How did I loose sight of my own way?


Down, Spirialing down 

To my own defeat

But look at who started this war, this stress

It was me.

We give ourselves heartaches and pains

Stressing over things we have no power over like night and day

Running in circles trying to complete insignifigant goals 

Trying to reach for what was never required in the first place

Attempting to breath in the air of Knowledge

Knowing to much and too little all at the same time

Looking for something that we can never find

Claiming that we have perfect vision, but we are all blind


A circle has no end


Infinity means no one can win


This repetative cycle of loosing and gaining just to loose again


But who can trully stop this whirlwind?




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