A Different Kind of Grad Speech


Some might say that rhyme is victorian

But I think it's important as valedictorian

To highlight all of the things that we've done

In a way that's new, creative, and fun.


We started school when we were just small

And were amazed that the fourth-graders were so tall.

We learned how to read, write, and do math -

Our elementary teachers set us on the right path.


We soon arrived at the now-forgotten middle school

At the mercy of the eighth graders, who thought they were so cool.

Learning pre-algebra was a struggle we'll never forget

But Mrs. Hughes worked miracles teaching slope and y-intercept.

Middle school also introduced us to band, choir, and competitive sports

Which led to our passions on various fields, stages, and courts.


It didn't seem like long before we entered freshman year

And were confronting our movie-induced high school fears.

They turned out to be nothing; no bullies stealing our money -

Some of the seniors even turned out to be kind and funny.

History was frightening; english a GPA killer.

We found study halls to be great schedule-fillers.

Once freshman year ended, one thing stayed in our mind:

Only three more years of the daily grind.


Sophomore year was a big one for all

As we moved into the new school late that fall.

It smelled so clean, so fresh, so new -

until we started dissecting, then it smelled like preservative goo.

We took geometry, learning the dreaded proof

Which we may or may not have mastered; we'll leave that up to you.

We also took our trip to the MCCTC 

To see if we wanted to learn the trades that looked so easy.

It turned out that they weren't, so only 15 of us decided to move

And at orientation, found the transition would be smooth.


The summer passed, and soon the rest of us reunited

For junior year; we were so excited.

We covered Algebra II, and experiemented with Chemistry -

Trying to solve equations and learn elements A through Z.

Prom was another big event of our year -

Our grown-up looks caused parents happy tears. 

Voting for the court wasn't as easy as it seemed

So after some hard decisions, we crowned Marc and Katrina king and queen.

Right before the end of term

We were offered an opportunity to go to college and learn.

It was for our entire senior year, and we wouldn't be at school -

In the end, though, 11 of us decided to pass it up would be cruel. 

During late August we would start school anew

With 3 people at Kent Main, 7 at Salem, and 1 at YSU.

Our decisions made, our final tests done,

We broke for the summer and had some 3-month fun.


When school started up again after the fair,

It hit us that only 54 percent of our graduating class would be there.

Friends became tighter, joining for more gatherings

As we realized that there were our "last times" we were having.

We were all grateful for the football team causing a longer season

Because we didn't want it to finish for any reason.

Like all great things, however, it had to come to an end.

We hope in the future they that keep the winning trend.


I'm going to skip over the rest of our senior year

As I'm sure, by now, it isn't more rhyming you want to hear.

We've had a lot of experiences together; we've had a good run

But now our time together is almost done.

Changes are scary, but they also make life exciting.

And 11 of us can say that college isn't frightening.

We have accomplished alot together and we've had a good time

And despite being nervous about the future, we'll all be fine.

And I'd just like to say, before I go out of sight:

Merry Christmas to all, and to .... No, that's not right. 

We're in the beginning of June, so here's what I mean:

Congratulations, and good luck, class of two-thousand-fourteen. 



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