My Wallet

The wrangled wallet lay on the desk,

Full of clutter i brush it aside,

Showing  cash and only an ID,

Currious i pick it up again,

I flip it open and look inside,

Lost memories fill my empty room,

I look through it naming the content,

ID, Scarf, cash, Personal cards,

But something lay behind all of these, 

Under the ID an arcade card,

Under the scarf, layed a debit card,

Under the cash layed holes still unkown,

Under the cards layed a gamestop card,

Nostalgia enters my heart, though

I think of all of the uselessness,

Because i will have to leave them here,

Next to the useless, cluttered items,

Too buy a new wallet, with no holes in it,

Leaving behind the gamestop card and,

The arcade card full of clawed scratches,

Soon i will leave the young teenage life,

And go for the passion of my new life,

And meet the greater odds to defeat!

Though for now, it is happily mines,

And i will not regret having it.





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