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Edgar Lopez, who is an 8th grader at Bowman. Who is a Mexican. Who has been suspended 3 times. Who I beat in the school four-square tournament last week. Is a cool kid, that’s what my friends say. But I know what he’s really like. I’m the only one who knows.

A week after the four-square tournament, Edgar comes up to me after class. He stares at me with his black, lifeless eyes. His cold, hard, unforgiving gaze. A limb extends toward me. Knuckles like mountains, impossible to climb. His muscles, rippling with power. A warm, yet cold sensation rushes to my brain. The world suddenly seems far away, dizzy and faint. In a second, it’s all black. Stars appear and fly around.  

In a blur, I wake up. Head, shoulders, and back aching. I feel my head throb like a wounded deer. Looking up, I see Edgar standing on two firm feet, rooted to the ground. Looking down at me like god or the warden of a prison. He’s holding something. What’s he holding?                        

I begin to stand. My legs numb. Each step is a long, strenuous test. The clock moves second by second. It’s been forever. Boom! A sharp pain in my chest. Then, I lose balance, just for a second. A sharp, burnt smell enters my nose. The whole world goes tumbling down. My body, relinquishing itself to the earth. I slowly sink down like the Titanic. Now I’m with grandpa.

Ahhh! Light suddenly flashes on my face. Almost blinding me. I open my eyes to see a fuzzy man. What’s wrong Jeff? Nothing. I just stare at my hands. Dry and scarred from biting too much. What’s wrong!? Nothing! As I bury my head deeper in my pillow.

            The light goes out again, it’s dark. And I start to cry. Clutching my pillow as hard as I can.

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