Invest In Yourself


Head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes
Eyes and ears and mouth and nose
Head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes
Now that is just a happy tune 
sing that to Mrs. Society 
And see what she do
This is Society's remix 
Which describes few
Or lets just say what's all wrong to you
Face stomach arms and legs arms and legs
Height and hips and thighs and clothes
Face stomach arms and legs arms and legs
Lets face it 
We have all claimed it
Shooting for perfection
But missing the basket every time
Not a dime
Can say we are truly fine 
Don't think I mean on the outside 
For isn't it what's on the inside that counts
Mrs. Society goes by ounce
Working on the inside then out
The thoughts, the walk, and the heart
Start to fall a part
We might as well be bench warmers
Because we watch her do all the work on us 
Twisting our minds like a tornado
Seeing where we go
We might not see her
But she has us all wrapped around her finger 
Our strides linger
Our shoulders sag
Holding us back
We no longer carry ourselves with pride
Instead we hide 
Hiding inside our shells of shame
Not acting the same
Once society hits us we can't be sane
While the voices in our head blame
Pointing out every itty bitty flaw 
Opening emotions that are raw
Our feelings may be obvious 
But it seems we are blind to all of this
We veil the truth from ourselves and others
Because we can not be another
Or at least what we really want to be
And see 
Upon the mirror 
Upon our reflection
That figure
I figured
A vision in our mind was triggered
Viewing the image of perfection even bigger
Maybe to be seen thinner
Illuminating our eyes and mind
Only to see a blurry picture behind
A fake appearance is screened
As we watch the lean
Only eating green
Not to be mean
But wouldn't you call it fake
Let me slice you like cake
And analyze for your sake
First listen to this story
I heard from Tori
A little girl draws a picture of a blue barn, red trees and a yellow picket 
But listen to this
You give it back
And say what it lacks
"Thanks for making me this picture, but it's not very good"
But Psalm 139 verse 13 must be understood 
"for you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mothers womb"
So every time we knock down how we look he assumes
We're telling the God of the universe that the work of all his labor isn't good 
But you know what he would say if he was herein us
"What do you mean you don't love yourself when I worked so hard on you..." 
And so this doesn't do
I don't have a clue 
I mean what more can I do
To get through to you 
That you should stay you 
And not brand new
You are truly a beautiful view
Actually you are beautifully and wonderfully made by Him
Now That is enough just to say Amen
So do you get that you are divine 
And do not have to be refined
Ha, but it would be nice 
If I could take my own advice
Your hearing this in the best way
It's all coming from a girl who put herself down in the worst way 
But please don't think I am lying
For I am trying
Day by day to accept
Still knowing I probably will never be the best
But keeping in mind to let God do the rest
And not think less 
Otherwise you'll be a mess
So make sure you invest


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