The Omen


Sleepless Owl in the eyes of the sun.    Mocking thy simple existence in this perpetual world.  Starved by the thought of food, craving the ruby red taste of wine.  The owl saw this miserable creature and made a faint smile.   The owl spoke," I know what thy soul searches for old; weary man."   "How do you know what i long for, if you don't even know thy soul" spoke the man.   "Well surely all should know the great mighty Oedipus that baths in gold, eats till stomach packed, and rules with pride. Surely you can tell; its written on your shattered face," spoke the owl.   "Please, I beg of you, help a soul in need, I am starved and cry for thirst, help thy soul!," yelled Oedipus.  "I would help, but I do not help those who bring danger to thy forest" spoke the owl.



My favorite part of this poem was the symbolism portrayed by both the Owl and Oedipus. Back during Oedipus time owls in the morning sun were seen as a bad omen. Usually this was a sign that something really bad would happen soon that would be catastrophic to a society. Although at this point of time in my poem; Oedipus has been banished from his kingdom for falling for his own hubris. Now he wanders the forest in search for survival and a new location to call home. On this journey however he finds an owl and begins talking to him. He begs the owl or the bad omen for the supplies needed for survival. But the Owl denies in helping Oedipus because of the curse that was but on him at his birth. This causes a reversal in positions making the owl safe and Oedipus a danger to the forest. This poem shows how one with great power can lead to corruption; which will later lead to poverty and a self corrupted mind.

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