Daddy's Song

God placed an angel on this Earth for me.

From day one, he protected me from many things.

While I was being born, he was in Desert Storm fighting for this great country.

But I know that I still was his main priority.

Looking back I'm so proud of him.

He stuck out his chest and raised his chin.

When my mother up and left him, 

I know he was frightened,

But he rose up above all the statistics.

He took care of us. He bathed us. He clothed us. He fed us. And he nurtured us.

He made me the person that I am today.

My heart and my everything.

He's loving and caring.

In a world where they look down on you, 

He worked hard for everything.

His love is what keeps me.

I never want him to think he did a bad of raising me.

I know that I crushed his heart when I told him I was leaving.

But I know every time he is hurting, and man dad, I'm so sorry.

I just want you to be proud of me.

You gave me the life that I dreamed of.

Anything that I wanted you games me.

No asking, no beggin, just smiling, and it was there.

And I'm so thankful and grateful that I can call you my dad.

Now it's my time to work hard and succeed so you can know it all worked out but you should've known cuz you deserve it.


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