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As vibrant as a summers glow As tough as woodchippers blade As soft as a silk woven robe But not as limited as a cloth but rather…. As intricate as persian rug
A gentle and kind creature, Curled up beside me. A loyal companion, A best friend. An innocent being, Sentient and kind.
Winston My cat, appearing on this page. Is only one, a youngish age, The very coy-est of the coy, Needless to say, it’s a boy.
If you can't "Ribbit," Or play leap frog, Answer the riddles, Of the frogs on this log!       1. What type of shoe do frogs wear? 2 Why are frogs rarely angry?
The moon was out and I saw some sheep. I saw some sheep take a walk in their sleep. By the light of the moon, by the light of a star, They walked all night from near to far.
Hello I am currently a high school student and I am using this poem for my folio piece, feedback would be much appreciated although I am unsure if it is possible yet as this site is new to me but here goes   
Look at that Chestnut, His coat gleams in the morning dew,  Glazed in a sheet of dust,  He runs with spirit,  Will he ever stop?  He halts,
My guinea pigs I love you even in doubt I feel like you know me inside and out You help me in all emotions especially now You do so much and just, wow  
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A virtual color to discuss, I wish today Asked someone, is it a color? Says Nay Thoughts provocation has taken in mind the war-form Arranging them in rhymes while continue to roam
Neither justice overtake us: we wait for light but behold obscurity for brightness but we walk in darkness
   One, Two, Three, Four  wait a minute shouldn't there be two more  I search and I search  Not a single scent in sight  A howl rings through the forest  
D   Daddy’s an asshole Momma’s a bitch  Don’t dare complain Afraid of that switch . Can’t help dreaming 
I stop. A deer, dark and wise, stares at me with scared bright eyes. It’s a windy night, quite a fright, but the deer stares right at my headlight. I blink. He won’t move.
Love, what is love ?  Is it a person?  Is it a place? Is it a thing ? Can love be measured?  How do you know you don't have enough love? Is love kind? Is love gentle? Is love beautiful?
Animals are bieng abused every day Not being treated Justly, fairly, or even kindly Why do humans have to be cruel Harsh, hurtful, vengeful Why do some of us treat animals The way we do
She was a little bundle of joy that I brought home A week old Golden retriever with shining golden coat Short ears, a straight muzzle, and a feathery tail Why I named her Paris I had no particular rason
life can be oh so sweet life can also be fire
Ease up on the Raid, I thought it was for insects. People using it so sporadically, I see them use it right before sex. I couldn'tbelieve my eyes. Was it perfume or a reason to cry?
The only slam matches we had were in hospital Sectioned under the mental health act for being too absorbed by our quirky Eccentricities.   Feed us up, 12 months in the slammer. Medication 
What a beautiful day it would be  The butterflies roam free  No one to chase thee    A world without humans  Oh, what a day  it's a blessing upon us all or so we say   
oo alam kong hinde pa ako sikat pero susubokan ko lang nmn kahit hinde ko pa mas yadong alam oo cge kahit ulit ulitin pa natin itong aking  rap cge subokan natin unang pahina 
You think you killed an animal,but you murdered her trust.A basic instinct she showed, her memory never rusts.
I have a visitor who always stays depressed, Cause she loves eating fish. Breakfast,lunch or dinner you could find fish in every single dish. She ate it grilled,spiced,curried or even boiled
Interference with nature on monetary remark, tampering with creation and exposing man. This is where it all began. To prey on others is invitation for pain, and an oath to eventual demise.
Fly bird High bird In the sky bird. Down bird Crowned bird In the ground bird Hop bird Lace bird Missing wings birds.  
Welcome to my world or perhaps my heart, That`s how most start, But in mine don`t you dare knock on that door, But let me just tell you, welcome to darkness! And in this ring called suffering,
The storm leaps around it wanders everywhere it runs fast like a monkey and grabs everything around it a banana from the tree jessy 's umbrella and what not? no one can control it
East or West, Home Is the Best. Take some Rest, Don't call any Guest. Enjoy your Home Fest, Don't have an outgoing Zest This is our life saving Test.
If I had a dime for every animal I currently own in my house, I’d be $1.10 richer. That's not a lot to most of us. Do you want to know what else isn't a lot?
They key to my future lies in the hands of the person I see in front. The looking back at me. The girl in the mirror.
This inspiration It floats around in my head Like thoughts on a train   It sits on a log And thinks for a little while
The world embraces its boredom guise. The sun rises and the sun sets.  Time goes by in the blink of an eye. 
I remember the first day we got you. You came out from behind the couch with a toy and a smile. I would come cuddle with you and take you outside for walks. You always loved the snow and could roll around in it for hours.
    The choice I make They’re not always great Bad intentions Sometimes make you wait Respect yourself, you’ll be great
Seconds away from a bad decision Lead to your death, or land you in prison What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger Stop & think just a little bit longer My own death certificate won't be signed
Rise'n from there grave & all around Shift in the ground, plus a horrible sound This is what I've always feared the most Have to be quiet, these demon's are close Gotta get to where I'm going & get there fast
When they see you, they jump with joy they say, "OH BOY!" when you are sad, they come comfort you when they are scared you comfort them dogs will always be there from here to there, to everywhere
Snowfall. Dawn.   Today’s a new day; I woke up under a tree. I did not see it before, was used to being in cages   For the one in my company, I have nothing to bring,
My powerful wave form deemed fourth you all. Volume was before nothing was then. Now then first second third. If you don't win you progression for results that strick you glorus.
You have not had to feel the pain Been trapped in a place that does not feel like your home Or talked at like you were nothing You have not had to take the beatings
the squirrels like to give a chase, Those bushy tail creatures always win the race, they laugh in our face, but us four legged creatures  just like them still walk around with so much grace.  
Flea market    Born into Innocence    Colored with an invisible crayon   
I imagine that a score ago I wouldn’t have been alive And I have no recollection of what that life was like Was I just nothingness waiting for the right time? Probably.
Texas.don.g.nutt59.poem.butterfly she get butterfly she got from the sun up to the sun down in an out the sunshine she flys so high beauty i see beauty i seek the best to ever yet to come butterfly give me a peek a sneek to the cheek of beauty of
The hunter went on a journey  To find some deer meat He saw a buck and looked into his eyes He saw a plea, the buck begging for his life  A doe and a fawn came from behind Needing the buck in their lives.
Big brown eyes Full of wisdom and pain from his past life Lying on the dirt He's witnessed many a fight Survived weeks of starvation His torn up old feet A constant reminder of the losses been endured
The breath in your lungs So full and mysterious Will one day be gone  
I find myself saying "why do people eat animals?" I find people telling me "you're vegatarian, why that has no benifit, the animal is already dead" I find others also stating "you're not even helping the enivorment"
Clouds of dust swirl through the hot desert sky The unforgiving sun radiating its disapproval As the fearsome beast is brought to the ground
1Cerberus the dog with numerous-a-head and snakes for tails-wow!, 2How was he bred?,
Once while living peacefully the God of the Sea Poseidon heard something wrong in his ocean. After swimming miles upon miles he came upon sea turtles creating a cry for help.
Once while living peacefully the God of the Sea Poseidon heard something wrong in his ocean. After swimming miles upon miles he came upon sea turtles creating a cry for help.
Imagine being put on show With a condition  You can’t control The brain doesn’t fit It’s equivalent to- Squeezing size 10 feet
I like to look around. round and round,I say and spy all the colors  that my friends show off today. Lots and lots of colors like a rainbow of souls.  
Bird to a bird Have u any word To say to the men Whenever u have sin Throw it to a bin Fly with your fin
Oh, I live in a world Where,each one have a murder To save other, to save one's mother Me with my home key Can't avoid the suffer To save the murder of any other
  Reflection of colored sunglasses shades mimic the iridescent colors on the feathers fade bike horn honk pulled from your beak awakes everyone surrounding as you try to speak
Walking down the stairs Smells overwhelming Sat down with ignorance My plate full of innocence They lived a happy life Meant to be my sacrifice   Never questioning, mouth full of death
If I would have known I would have stopped long ago If only I was shown The true horror occurring in the shadow   As I sit here in my home
Being me, I would say was the greatest thing, Despite these days when I'm pained, Back then I knew I could do anything, These days I'm just watching the rain, Used to spend hours and hours reading,
I think it all began when he started to get silent more often My mama had always told me not to date She said to wait until seventeen  To focus on my education so that I could graduate high school
We act like we want to make the world a better place But we turn a blind eye to the problems that the animals face. We love carriage rides,
Animals have voices too.
A Girl's Best Friend Dogs like this, dogs like that Anyhow I love my pet Very dark in complexion
  I am Fear. what lurks in the dark. I am what you see in your nightmares. What makes an elephant scared of a mouse.
No one is obliged to be near you know you die alone but you can sit in fear And walk your own path  of greatness unknown
Do you see him cowering there in the corner? His owner has beaten him, he’s falling apart. Broken bones, it’s a cycle that never ends. He whimpers. Will bad fortune ever bend?   Do you see her all alone?
The sun goes down and I come out.  There is a black sky so I can fly. I take a flight  as I glide, 
My new blanket is soft and warm, though it is a bit worn   Maybe it’s because the animal that wore it as skin, is now rotting away in a bin.
My father and I were sitting in a new restaruant looking over the menus. We loved to go to new places and try new foods. I think it was one of the many reasons we got along so nicely.  
Animals are all around us Bees buzz from flower to flower Cows roam the fields Ducks travel throughout the ponds Elephants walk the savannah Frogs eat flies left and right Goats hike the mountains
Polar bear cant swim no ice or snow to walk on Tired, down drown stay down
Animals deserve better then we They existed first Yet we treat them like garbage To satisfy our sadistic thirst The TV is muted when  That  Song  Comes on and no one stops to listen
Great things come and go, but Right when you least expect it, An animal is hurt, sick, or dying. Our Friends work together to help them,
I stand before an empty enclosure, Wishing that God would bring you back. You did not deserve this, Truly it was not your fault. The reality is all too much.
Turtles They spread their wings wide Humans Litter the ocean Turtles Wings don't spread wide They die Sharks eat turtles that can't spread their wings wide Humans
These giants stand out on the great African Plains But too often their motionless bodies lie on the ground surrounded by stains Not taken for food they rot in the dust
The sun shines as God approaches,He leaves a beam of light in the dark forest.The beam of light brightens to a shape of a lion.God sent him to shimmer the forest to lustre;
In the Jungle, there is a mystery of darkness and wonders; There is a war between a mighty beast and a man. They kill for pleasure and for vengeance;
Little Boy I lose myself in thoughts of you wonder quietly whether your perception of the intertwining of our lives holds the same dear picture that keep our memories alive
Doggies. Very loyal. They are human's prime friends. Do not cause any harm to them. Canines.
I’m okay for months, not paying much attention to the things that hurt I have a wall up between me and words The words barge into the wall, trying to
Who are you? I do not know you. I do not know you vile ways,The way you take pleasure in wounding me so.
i could wax lyrical poetry about wanting,  but everyone does that and i want to be  uncovnetional, like a duck
Cheeseburger, steak, Chicken wings The words that make mouths water That make us run to the fridge But what is inside that food? The souls of the helpless animals Their cries for help
Sad eyes and whimpering cries, Questioning myself all these why’s. Why do I have to abused? I didn’t do anything wrong! Why am I not loved? I just want loved! I want to tell you “I love you.”
To you it might not seem a lot And to you he cannot give it thought But for every little thing you do He owes his entire world to you.
It's not for the faint of heart It takes a special kind of madness To tear a life apart To hear the birds scream and cry Fearing soon they too will die   It takes a special kind of madness
You can see it in puddle's and stream's in the dirt on the grass on the side walk's on the car's and roof's of them and the house's and the window's and on the tree's leeeve's and the rain has a pretty glow and the nature it help's is to it's a an
Light yourself by taking the cold ice from you and give it to the invisible whirling wind.Now grab a plate from your colorful kitchen, hold it up towards you and let it fall down to the hard ground. What happen? Did it broke?
soft kitten fur against my baby cheek puppies run to catch me by diaper up high on horseback with mom behind me kids and lambs nibble little ears children soak up the world
Though you may be just a dog You have been apart of my life for so long Teaching me how to take care of another thing And all the happiness you bring Reminds me how impactful you have been
In a land where wolf and lamb shall graze together; Where lions leave meat and eat straw like the oxen
Snatched from my home land, Before I could understand Away from my mother and brother Never to see them again.  
    Freedom has expired Onto the road of depravity  Also known as captivity    Tortured when still alive Watching others scared for their life I’ve travelled for miles
Deforestation. Palm Oil takes so many lives. Animal lives lost.   
You crushed that ant and you crushed it’s whole life. You killed the cow. You murdered the fish. You let the bird die. You littered in their homes.  
Turn up your music Drown out their voice Close your door This is your choice Listen to the lyrics Can you hear the voice? Walk towards your desk Remember, this is your choice
Animals animals anialak amsjskla why are we all animals.
Frantic wings beating blindly, Bombarding the window pane. Beak nimbly tap tap tap tapping the glass it doesn't see, Jewel toned chest sparkling sapphire in the sunlight.
Life is like a Cherry Blossom Tree, it's beauty lasts only so long, it seems like only moments, you'll look away and they're gone.
Clumsily walking down the stairs, Claws clacking on the wood, He hears the food bowl ring as it is filled for the seventh time, A sudden burst of energy and feast, And back to sleep he goes
In possibly the brightest colors Words have taught me many things They help me through my hardest times And remind me why the bluebird sings  
Deep in the night, we are silent below the stars shining bright. Our hearts pound for words unsaid. Our thoughts profound run rampant in our head. We’ve never told anyone not even our own
Antika Eşya Alanlar
A heartbreak is something we wish was rare Relationships come & go as time passes by Love is a nightmare Aiming to prevent it will make you turn a blind eye   The pain is something you'd wish to erase
Push      the cheese through the              grater rather   than      shredding it back                       and forth like you always do. Just jam it through               the grater
There is a facade, a thing you don't see But here we're all stuck on "he" or "she" And forget there is more than that to me.  
I.   Dear Tesfaye, I wish you didn’t have to grow up like this. I wish there was more I could do to help. You are only four, still too young to fully understand. Poverty
Dear Deer,   My deepest apologies for stopping you here. I simply noticed something simple
Dear Deer,   My deepest apologies for stopping you here. I simply noticed something simple
Dearest Deer: so blue and bright, Through the blackness of the night, Pierce your dreaded, azure eyes, to me, from the middle of the road.  
You know who you areDon’t look away, don’t turn this page You need to read this.
I  love to smile, A s much as fish loves dry land M aking everyone else happy S inging with a mute voice 
We're living a silent violence Locked on everyone else's frustrations Afraid of climbing our own mountainsWe find peace in this violation We can't breath pure airIt stinks everywhere 
Dear Giacomo,  Hairy and sweet Big but timid You have grown Bit by bit But still your heart remains shy and loving like a baby I wish nobody would ever hurt you little pup
Dear Animals, I’m sorry.   Sorry for that pain that I’ve caused From your dying screams To the melodic tapestry of a cheese tastery
Dear, … I have been missing you, for the longest of times A missing piece to my puzzle I’ve hoped one day you’d return, you’d come back to my heart
Dear Vegetarians, I am one of you. A word that defines 4% of our youth And only 3% of adults. A definition that encompasses so much more
Remember when our minds confused the lines of right and wrong that lingered deep with you in our thoughts Questioning our actions when sin tempted us to see the world threw a broken glass
Rusted, dirty kennels litter the floor Their occupants gave up after mistreat and gore. A tiny pair of eyes begging you to help In the small room where all things yelp. But those blue, brimming eyes
The bird in me Recognizes the one inside you Somewhere in a corner ...with tattered wings ...chained legs...
To my Freedom, I first saw you eyes troubled and body worn but her spirit and age like new so many failed before but your fire was never torn    I first felt the same
There was once a man A man of power but without sight And without sight, without mind. He held power, but without a mind.
my is there when i need her when im sad she makes my l she there when i need her  my friend shinse like a star she shinse brighter then the stars times 3 if you ask my friend 1 or 2 if we are together she with say ya oh my friend times 9 my friend
The forest, its filled with trees, and bees, they land on the flowers and the trees. The forests, its filled with animals, and rivers, they run through the trees.  The forest,
There goes the pitter-patter of tiny feet Looking for something tasty to eat Though they’re rooting through my food
Creatures. Some are our pets Who do deserve our love. Adopt them to demonstrate that. Creatures.
I continue circling In my mind In my thoughts and in my head Instead of sleeping in my bed I continue circling around the room through the windows
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parent parent ho mes parent j'ai 6ans j'avais etudier vie sans etude auto sans chaufeur .vie sans intelligence corps sans merci merci tous ce que tu fait pour moi.
From that warm feeling in your chest to the "text me when you get home safe" to the person who brings out your best   Fom the "I'm so proud of you" to all the butterflies in your belly
Beautiful is your saying When you say words of love and hope, Beautiful is your behaving When you behave well with all with love, Beautiful is your doing When you do well for all and all believe;  
Every week the grass grows too long. Blades of grey that sli- ce the air But softly touch We worry however That our toes Sink
Our Love Can Bare (#BecauseILoveYou)  We respect, we trust, we love, we care In the bond that we share. Everyone thinks our love can bare  
Her beautiful white hair, Glistening gently from the suns rays. Her childish and warming smile, Always making my day.   She suffered many problems As I watched it happen.
What is forgiveness? Is it keeping calm and not holding a grudge  or is it getting mad and always wanting to judge   Should we forgive those who have done us wrong or should we keep it in and let this prolong
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The Ring Bros say they've quit.  Have they? What exactly have they quit? The eye opening act of entertainment for The People. They say they've stopped. It's defenitly a start. A good one.  As one domino falls
I love them so, But it is hard  To love and know; A moral shard.   I hate myself, But can't let go Of darling girls What truth to show?   I wan't to tell,
The agonized wail of a mourning mother pulls me from my shell; to my joy smothers 11 months, she carried you and now you're gone why they took you, I'll ever knew I'll hum a sad song  
The sound of growling crawls its way from The dark of the forest, accompanied by Faint, weak cries of hunger. A mother sets forth. “There is no more time. With nearly
In the evening I went out,I stand in the balconyand see a swinging taleMoving repetitivelyI see an innocent face,Those poor eyes Speaking somethingWhile he kept my gazeThat tale didn't stop
Oh ~woe~ is me, Poor ~little red hen~ with the grain that you found, Nobody will help you put that seed in the ground.   Your feathers are bristled as you squawk and we gawk,
Once upon a time, There was a little chicken, Who thought life was sublime, Till with fear he was stricken   He asked his mother, “Where are you going?” “Why are you leaving?”
Once upon a time There was a little kitten Who was very different From the others in her litter   She was born in a barn
Once upon a time I felt at odd with myself I knew I had to change I can’t keep on living like this Darkness, Sadness,
Once Upon a time there was a young child the child was very young he really liked to run he started running from the fear little did he know he was being chased by a bear
Down grape vine hill Just by the old shop But not quite the pasture They sat there rusting Their eyes fogged Their color faded By tiny cat paw prints In the dust  
There once was a fish named Larry Unlike other fish, he was hairy. With just one wish This friendly fish Only wanted to be imaginary.
'Twas the midnight raid of Peter Rabbit, He wore his nice shoes and his brand new jacket. Crept under the gate with hardly a sound, Then cautiously, Peter looked all around.
Apparently, I am a big bad canine, but that stereotype just ain't mine. I didn't mean to scare those pigs, maybe they shouldn't have made a house out of twigs. I had a cold that day, oh my dismay.
Once upon a time, In a forest not far from here, There lived a family of wolves, Pack is the technical term,
Onecs in the red sun, Little Red Riding Hood was heading out to her grandmother’s. “Would you like me to come,” asked the mother.
Onecs in the red sun, Little Red Riding Hood was heading out to her grandmother’s. “Would you like me to come,” asked the mother.
Humpty Dumpty sat in a position of high power. Humpty Dumpty was involved in a scandel. All the King's power and all the King's wealth, Couldn't stop the people from stoning him to death.  
Hippopotamus Eats a cucumber sandwich Today he will crap  
My America, where I can't walk the streets Alone at night because I am terrified  And whether it's the anxiety that 40 million  Of us exerience or the fact that  I could be attacked just because I 
My America, where I can't walk the streets Alone at night because I am terrified   
America, home of the brave, Or that's the thing many used to say And now people often have to pray Begging God not to let it be their last day Of all the people that look up at the news
I'm shaking and quaking I don't know what to do. I hear the steps coming closer, which mean I'm closer to more abuse. They hit,they smack, they yell, they kick. Theybe until I can't hardly stand.
I open my eyes and hear the streets of New York City  I look up to see only bystanders filled with pity  My daughter, she wakes up from her cardboard bed  She asks me when she'll be fed  "Soon baby" I said 
Lord this is my last trip please forgive me for my sins The sins of which I hold in my den That has already grabbed me up by my chin As if it was a sharks’ fin.   I’d rather die before I fake it
I know about love I've seen its cold slobbering nose pressed against the window Waiting for me to come home I know about love I've felt it's warm soft tongue Erasing the tears From my cheeks
We cannot speak for ourselves Everyday our kind is hurt in various ways We have few that want to help Many of you stand and watch us get beat I cannot defend myself
The only good reason for self deprecation is in changing one’s character for the good of the nation The wicked seeds of the past are sown into the soil of the future Tying us to evil,
Three years, we are still together You change my world Bring happiness and joy that I can never forget O' Thorn, you are amazing I love you and the furry skin you have   
Now I appreciate the world Instead of taking it for granted, Now I work harder in school Instead of thinking like a fool. Now I can reach farther Instead of making things harder.
January...jam, damn so much to fit in. How am I supposed to keep up with school and make new friends?
I was in a room all alone With no one near by I heard a sound It was the rustling sound of the wind I close my eyes I hear foot steps We're those footsteps coming near me? I was not sure myself
Butterscotch colored bubbles clink in crystal glasses as ten seconds mark a genesis Laughter, too loud, bounces like a ping pong ball between empty resolutions also too loud
I used to look up to you- I used to be, “[your] little boy” Then later I grew up and became “big red” And since then there was a distance,
My childhood was full of dreams Dreams that included a house full of dogs And a yard full of livestock   I was devastated at age four
Shaping My Own View Imagery is very important asset in my life. Lyrically I can openly be expressive without words and that has been my safe place for years. Did you know colors represents different words?
Brown bear, black bear, white bear and more. The eyes of the bears stares  at bore. How come the boar dared the bear ? Brown bear, black bear, white bear and more. All of the bears cared not to discourage.
I found myself this past year.   I found myself in the faces too beautiful to touch. I found myself in the eyes of those who have seen too much.  
Keep going. I dare you. But I can't fool you. My children will starve And be excited to see trees At the rate That everything is disappearing. Prepare for fishless oceans
    Lonely traveler, you must understand that you cannot stay here with me.
There's this sinking feeling in my stomache, Like there's a pit swallowing me from the inside. It feels abandoned and hallow, Like I'm missing a part of my being.   It's sad and it hurts,
When I am having a bad day And all I really want to do is hit the hay I know that no matter what When I come home, there will be my smiling pup Wagging his tail and shaking his bum
u should be vegan
Lick, bark, chewing toys. They might make a little noise. But never treat them ill. Even if some act like a pill. For they're not just animals or pets the're people too. How you like somone hurting you?
I lost her. I lost her smile. I lost her love. I lost her compassion. It seems as if she is gone forever, never to be held in my grasp again. I searched for her.
Grace on water, peace in flight. Honking in the fall while flying over sight. Nests of eggs in the spring. Honking is how they sing. Feed them bread and they won't forget. The friend they have met.
Start the day with a positive vibe and be a part of the happy tribe. Those that mumble, moan, or sigh will never be greater in another's eyes. Being positive is truly legit,
It's what I live for, Every day when the bell rings I bolt for my car Ready for the work ahead of me. Walking into the doors of the clinic the chaotic sound of animals fills my ears, It's what  I live for,
Rigby is my dog Without him I would be lost  He lights up my world  
I feign sleep,  Though I hear the quiet pitter patter of anxious feet,  It takes everything in me to not utter a peep,  To him, my awakening is a treat.  Without any more patience, he pounces, 
As an African child, I loved the tales But hated most superstitions in them I viewed them as false chronicles Based on invalid principles Because they encouraged hatred Hatred for my beloved creatures
When life brings me down and trips me to fall to the ground, When life gives me hate instead of the love I crave, When life bestows upon me unwanted feelings of despair and anxiety,
Fleas, By Mark Twain... ADAM HAD 'EM
We went to the pound to look at the dogs ‘Just to look.” my parents had said But we all new what was going to happen I was going to find a dog and we would “have to keep it” I was in desperate need for a furry friend. My life was dull and sad. I w
Animals are not meant to be toyed with, They are not meant to be kicked around or hit by a withe. They are mans bestfriend, our friends through thick and thin
The sky is dark the land is still The moon peeks over a distant hill An owl begins to screech in the night A lone wolf howls, bathed in moonlight The leaves rustle as the wind starts to blow
My dog really loves to be scratched On his ears and head Oscar, so cute, he makes me happy
Coming home  from  a long shift When I step out the car Collete already near Walking toward the chair my feet hurt I take a sip of water My comfort cannot be quench Only my furry friend Collete
I awake and seize the day,  acknowledging the morning rays. I spend some time with my cat, after putting on my hat. I sense the coming chills from the fog, as I go to hug my loving dog.
Damaged goods, That's what they call a worn down old horse, Who was once healthy, But is now stricken with fleas. Good enough for nobody. Not strong enough to be a race horse, A cabby horse,
Small, round, sun kissed leaves. Hanging from tall aspen trees reflected in the cool blue water
I write poetry because there are only so many ways that I can express how much I love spiders without sounding like a total creep.
A densely packed forest. The bark is fur, the roots, hooves. The foliage a four stomached mass of flesh. No room to grow between the trees.  No way to feel the open breeze.  Inside a barn, it's eat, survive. 
I am antique malls and dusty dishes  I am front porch pickers and moonshine sippers  I am light up sketchers and spongy pineapple dwellers I am young mistakes and a family disgrace I am dogwood trees and honey bees
Activist, Conservationist, Environmentalist Veterinarian, Psychologist, Ethologist Poet, Writer, Singer Baker, Designer, Entrepreneur Mother, Daughter, Friend
Poetry may be quick,  but that makes it all the better, a quick snap shot into the soul will do the trick,  Like the world summed up in a letter. I love peotry for that reason, 
my dog lani had a hernia on her stomach she spent a lot of time crying now she spends her time wreaking havoc on our brand new carpet--and it's my dad who's crying   my dog lani
I am a songbird, yet I do not sing. I once flew to the Heavens, now I have broken wings. I once stood tall, brave, and free, now here I lie, chained and bleak. 
  Into her torn shoes fell the rocks. She let them crumble, let herself bleed. Trudging towards her tryst with trees, under battered broken branches she
The animal was suffering cruel conditionsYou may ask yourself whyThe answer lay on monetary commissions The reason thousands of animals die.  
They give us their devotion and love, We respond with hate. They show us their loyalty, We cast them out on the street. They offer us constant companionship, We leave them alone to die.
Without any further ado I'd like to explain who is who In Odessa she dwells She's annalee,my sis its true As beautiful as water is wet Mother nature she's jealous I bet Pretty as a swan
Sprite is my dog, To whom I pour my laughter and tear. It leads me through damp fog, In the morning walks when it senses my fear.
  I have a sound, Though I cannot speak. To you, I am just a piece of meat.   Raised in a cage, Hunted down on the street. To you, I am just a piece of meat.  
Hamster cuddly, Creature twitching littlnose cosy, cottom, fluffy,fuzzy cute
All my life I have looked up to you Why then do you look down upon me? I give you unconditional love You give me kicks and shouts What have I done wrong?
I don't know who I am. I think people determine who they are by others. Really. Possibly. Truly. There's always this running comparision people have with each other that won't ever fade...
If I were on an island, thrown ashore from the sea. I would not be lonely if you were there with me. My precious pet you'd snuggle close when the winds would blow. You'd lick my face and wag your tail when my mood was low.
I want to save the beesThose buzzing specs of insignificant works of breath are more human than I will ever beLoyalty resides in their instinctLike-mindedness is nurtured with butting antennaDetermination is the settlement of every flightTheir sel
  Oh, your majesties, you stun me to the core with your glorious beauty. The eyes of an old sage, shine infinite wisdom, pouring into and over, everything in your paths. Oh, how I wish 
This estranged lump of earth softens underfoot with thoughts of their compassions For I was once among them and knew their truths Oh that mortal virtue!    
Furry , Friendly, and Sweet you mean so much to me. Your name is Bucky, cause it rhymes with lucky. Which was great cause you came to me with amazing traits. My four-legged friend your like a two legged human ,
“Why do you have to be so hard?” “You know missing one day of practice is like missing the entire season.” “Why do you always want to kill me?”
In honor of my best friend; my 11 month old lab, Mickey    to sacrifice  is to love Not overreacting  but welcoming   to accept no matter how messed up you are or lonely 
In my boat, there I lie thinking of you Waves toss back and forth like thoughts in my head Anticipating how to pursue Haunted by all the words you’ve never said  
I don't know what I did. Don't you know there are laws that forbid. You leave me bloody scars on my face and pull on my fur. How many more times will this occur?  
I hear the words whispering in my head, "Lonely, alone, lost, forgotten." "You don't belong." I look at everyone around me and I ask myself, "Why are you so far from me when I feel so close to you?"
Master, I wonder why do you beat me so. What have I done to deserve this pain. Is it because my name is Pitbull
Live each day as if its your last  always live in the moment for each day is a new beggining to a perfect ending.
How can I live a life without my dear pets who love me, no doubt with their cute meows and their playful barks as we stroll throughout the park. But what if they leave just like that?
They surround us.  We take over there land,  Yet they still love us.    They depend on us.  We are their voice,  So they protect us.   Without them, I would not have purpose. 
Here I sit on this lonely island with nothing to do. But I chose to bring one special thing with me. A picture that makes me feel small as in a shoe. Of the love I knew as a kid with the.  
Sometimes I wonder if dogs are loyal to their owners because they think that they owe them something. Maybe dogs don’t realize that fresh food and water
Great fun is in store: A break from Education- Sun, swimming, and more!
I can be calm or fierce, as soft as a feather or as sharp as thorns, midnight black or white as snow, weak as grass or strong as oak,
    Roaming the land of the lost Each color that coats her back, shifts like the wind that vibrates the valleys Her surroundings are blurred by the unfamiliarity
How can they assumeThat trapped beneath unyielding gloomThat there’s a safely padded roomIn which my Psyche lay.  
Students in the school. All crying upon a desk. Back to school it is.
A jungle environment With fists clenched tight. Clinging onto fig branches Like a baby koala. Fingers sharp and tightened, Like ET,Calling phone to home.   Eye sockets widened,
Image author unknown   Those grey birds They beat their wings Droves of feathers following Up and up into the air Flying high with little care One bird, two birds
ChillinKillin itWorse than a villainWatch what you're swimmin in Because I'm worse.Worse.Worse than a migraine.Worse than a stressed brain. Even if you keep your eyes open,I'll probs slip your radar.With my jelly fish flowThat sting in your leg? O
Beaten, abused, harmed, killed Hear my yelping, see my tears Please don't let me die 
I'm a kitten who just wants to play But when it comes to playtime where I live it never ends nicely I'm kicked, thrown, and slapped.
I am a dog as sweet as can be,  But I live in a place where no one loves me. I cannot comprehend why they yell so angrily, Or why they always beat me so savagely. As i lie alone in my cage, after my beating,
HEAD OF A MOOSE  With eyes of marble and tuffs of hair  The lonesome moose loooks oh so bare So put him above the mantle  so you can see him loud and clear "He's from Alaska"
I am who I say I am, but who do I say I am? Am I a success, or am I a failure? I am a success, because I know who I am.   I am an athlete, a devoted, hard working athlete.
Look at me now; tell me what you see? A small new puppy full of hope and need. I do not speak or seem to hear, though now and then I show real fear. What will I be when I am grown?
She was born a poet and didn't know it,A girl with a story insides her soul a girl who takes thought and put it on paper, adding some dips and rifts and curves, sprinkling some of her heart into this poetic pot, mixing in metaphors and some simile
It's a little misery from a place my mother's stomach to my abusive sibling and dad I am born to be infuriated born to not be able to change it to be shocked condemned into a religious
I do not eat my friends You eat my friends I can see their ends Sometimes... people stab my friends they feed my friends to their friends I can see their ends
I've tried to say i'm sorry i've tried to be the best I try only to fail the most important part of life i try to say im sorry for breaking your heart It dont matter no more it don't tear you apart  
  I'm forced to be somewhere I'm unaware of I'm in a cage I'm being pointed out
Apply yourself in school,
fds fsd fds
My mind races of endless things I want to be However, the abyss is contradictory From the first time I was allowed to breath to the last where I thirst for it my fate is sealed only to be revealed at the last moment like a finale
Animals have feelings like we do They might have a different way to express those feelings but they are there just the same happy  sad  angry Our fury friends listen to us 
I have only seen my father cry twice But the first time I saw him spill crocodile tears Into the Nile river of grief was four years ago.
A small fleck In an ocean of small flecks Not heavy enough To break through the surface tension There may be bigger small flecks And there may be smaller ones And who has time to investigate
I am determined to live forever. No matter what i go through, i will escape this bad weather. With the world by my side, we can escape this high tide. With every breath will blow away the fears of everyone that has cried.
They're defenseless, They're helpless, We all know it, But how do they show it, They whine, they beg, But we pay them no attention, They starve, they freeze and they die every day,
remember when we were in love we had each other it was just enough you told me i was all you need just you and me i remember when you were down i picked you up right off the ground
I am the girl who has so many questions,why did you leave me?, or why didn't you come back for me?
Rabbits are soft, furry and warm, They cuddle and eat right from your hand
Sad eyes,  black skies. All these lies,  I just want to die. It's sickening, you abuse me for entertaining, all my energy is draining. It's raining, please let me in,
Watching you, watching you abuse me. Sad eyes, asking why? What have I done? I have just been loyal to you, you take me for granted. You use me,  while I thought you loved me.
My little puggle wuggle, how you make me smile.
I am a survivor, a Rose 
Big and black, white under neck, white on paws and under belly, furry and warm, smells like feathers. Always sleeping, always licking, meticulously cleaning fur. Laying on my bed,
They scream and cry
                                         rock Rock it helps you when you feel left out .
I wish I was a bird, you see They fly oh so freely Tiring as though it might be Their strength is spectacular really Maybe their diet it key Birds are nothing less than awesome  
Awesome the word that can describe a person place or a thing in this world not everything could be awsome but in the eyes of your own you can make everything you touch feel and see awsome Now the word awsome to me will is just plain awsome i use
Could I but give you comfort in my death,How might I tell you what you meant to me?All I did, both night and day, was love you,
I'm a bird. I'm a bird. I'm a bird. A bird that flys gracefully and a bird that flaps their wings and doesn't care about how much noise it creates.
There's a part of me that is child-like There's a part of me that is a snob. There's a part of me that thirsts for knowledge. There's a part of me that is always laughing.   There's a part for family.
sunshine is awesome so are my cats my dog is awesome as are my friends we all get along so well, every day how is this real life do i have to graduate?
The epitome of selflessness dogs see past imperfections. If you need them theyll be there with unlimited affection. For pooches love us more than themselves. In exhange for a loving home, for simply being treated well.
Confusion, Discretion A Well Life Lesson Think and think before you repeat  Love and lust but you can't trust A Well Life Lesson Taught A Well Life Lesson Thought You Pull It All In 
Velvet triangles, shiny black buttons and soft pink hands  that grip the underside of my window.   He is peaceful, finally fully unafraid while sleeping while only I watch his steady daytime slumber.
A book can be diminutive or tall. The print can be massively large or small. Never judge a book by its cover,
Dance is my favorite. Dance is my passion. Dance here, dance there, dance EVERYWHERE.
there once was a guide dog named Lucy. who had a nasty owner named John every night he'd tie her to the foot of his bed it would choke her until she was nearly dead one night he was especially cruel
Who is she among us silent  The very thought  that once we hurt and left alone be lost in intolerable 
Never mind my monologue, unless you'd like to dialogue. I woke this morning in a fog, because, you see, I lost my dog.   She was no normal dog, by the way. One day I found her at a matinee.
deep in the ocean
A vow with my right hand, do I take,A cover for my personal beating drum.A chorus of voices, do I join,With hat off, honor giving me three inches,I set my sights on manifested integrity.
I sat alone one evening, Nearly dreaming upon my table propped, Stopped had I from work to rest,
Foodless days Painfull nights I don't understand why I have to fight I'm supposed to be loved not put into a ring Time to game up when you here the Ding Ding Acrossed the ring here he comes
I never knew he could make me so happy.His kisses and cuddles, I know it’s sappy. His hands aren’t like hands they are more like paws.So I was fine with having a ménage a trois.
Do a flip for me!  Do a trick, it'll be the only way you'll get your food. Smile Sweetie, Pumpkin, Jimmy, Armie! I hope you enjoy the room, it'll be your home forever. Want to run? Swim?
This poem is dedi
All animals feel pain Primates make different faces for different emotions Dogs remember who you are when you walk through the door Dolphins are known to communicate with each other
Just turn your face to the sunAnd wipe tears of mope and burnAnd grip the steering wheel of lifeAnd learn to be brave and aliveTo welcome tomorrow with a new hopeWhere doubts have no place of mope
Your wagging tail mirrors the trees gently swaying in the wind. Your gleaming eyes mirror the sunshine in mid-July, my smile as I see you after a long hard day. When your paws sprint across the fields of glory, I can see
With us, not for us.  Because we share this Earth, and don't take it for granted. Because we are all animals, of different kinds, and different abilities. Because we are all sentient beings with emotions and feelings,
Mindful to a fuckin' flaw,
STEPS TO ADD YOUR VIDEO: 1. Record something awesome (hint make sure the audio is good)2. 
Don’t laugh and ask why I am different just aspect me for I am I will not let you treat me like I’m nothing, because I am a powerful young women and I deserve to be treated with respect I belong here so who are you to tell me I’m nobody I AM some
Don’t laugh and ask why I am different just aspect me for I am I will not let you treat me like I’m nothing, because I am a powerful young women and I deserve to be treated with respect
A somewhat ugly creature you are. Fierce and aggressive, Strong and terrifying. The bulbouse nose you have hints at aloofness, and your gangly legs Create a spectacle.
Scampering From Harm Little Animals Try To Do Dense Hunters Catch You
Ode to my dog.  
Felicia Animal enthusiast Creative thinker Nature photographer and explorer More than just a pretty face Whats happening in this world is a disgrace
I was born into this world by parents and adopted by you You didn’t have to adopt me, but you wanted to keep me I wanted to be your pet, love and devoted to you it’s true
Us by Lucero How wonderful is saving lives,
Damnable Demon, my Demise, Why must you give such huge eyes. I feel guilty now.
Blood dripped down his face
They come from behind the rock Together they run Passing the dock Like little children having fun
Words. Some are better left unsaid, to have never come out at all. Words. Some are better left unheard. Why defile the innocent and pure with a single word? Why can we not use our brains
The Dance Written by: Stephanie Garcia   When I ride my horse in the mid-summer mornings, we dance.   The drums pound and two hearts beat as one working in rhythm and cadence.
Small nose, bright eyes
You Lifted me up when i was down, masterfully crafted like artwork by him. beauty at its core kindness unfathomable, your presance enshrouded me with love. Swoosh went your soul,
The Wind runs freely over the open plains Oh little one, how they call you insane. How you run and play, racing with the wind No, nothing can keep you pinned. Look how you grow through the ages
Life is Life None better than another None more worthy of existence   We all share the same home On this beautiful planet Earth   Eventually,  All lives end
Why does the chains of society have a constant need to judge when I am asked to change for what they want it's ok but when I change for what I need it's hard to make happen people constantly let my past decide my future I can't change my past but
Dreadfully scared and confused they are crammed with other hopless ones awaiting their hopeless fate. The closest thing they have to a name is a tag with a number representing merely when they are due to die.
I'm a pest, And I'm a thief. Though, I do not mean no harm, I disturb your peace. But can you give me my peace? Can you give back what you took from me? Only half is fine.
They say pain lasts forever, While I know that isn’t true.                                                        Wounds can’t last forever,                               
I have never seen a Killer Whale Not a real one anyway   But often enough at night Waking to the noise of lapping waves   Frequent upon hitting the surface Random in location of where
As you barbarically rip the skin from my back
I am more than a genetically modified organismThat was constructed for scientific research. 
As I watch a light glow from a distance the darkness slowly consumes me. I'm afraid of not knowing what there is but even more so of knowing there is nothing. How I could I be so alone,
I love you Not only for what you are, But for what I am, When I'm with you.   I love you, Not for what you made of yourself, But for what... You are making of me.  
I am everything I could ever ask When time flits away my inner beauty thrives Guiding me to the infinite fountains
i'm only me That is all i can be no more no less don't second guess i love, i live, i laugh, i cry i'v wished sometimes that i could die some day's i'm funny other i'm not sometimes i'm in over drive and i can't stop you may not like me but that'
My heart beats too My lungs can breathe I have arms and legs And eyes to see I may have parts you don't have  Buth theirs still a heart in my chest And a brain in my head
I was born the way I am So I'll be what I want in life there's only room for one me and it'll never be a strife   I have a purpose in this world and I live to fullfill
Hi my name is well I don't know I've never had a home been in a cage since I was born
In my small bed I hear the sounds outside the door Girls screaming, boys being boys Moms and dads saying yes, saying no Who would say no to a face in need? But this is America, and we have a choice.  
My dog, mine. My life disrupted, my space invaded. No! Down! My nerves a wreck. Come here, you hungry? I love you. Pee on the floor,hair everywhere, stupid dog.  
I'm all alone on this rainy, cold and empty street.  Where have you gone? Do you still care about me? Look i see a light on! I'm limping up to the door hoping to find you there.
Swim while you can sharkFor the fisherman wants youI care for your life.
I am fluffy on the outside, warm and loving on the inside,  I will make you happy when you're down and make you smile when you frown, I will always be there for you when you have to cry
In our early schooling years we were taught to share; The Montessori way. Parents at home continue the route of compassion “Share your juice with your sister,” mother said while standing at the picnic table.
In our early schooling years we were taught to share; The Montessori way. Parents at home continue the route of compassion “Share your juice with your sister,” mother said while standing at the picnic table.
In our early schooling years we were taught to share; The Montessori way. Parents at home continue the route of compassion “Share your juice with your sister,” mother said while standing at the picnic table.
The chips weren't in his favor, Few thought he'd succeed. A society that sweeps people like him under the mat. He may not know exactly why, He just knows he has to work harder. He loves the way he is,
Run quick rabbit run   Away from all your problems   Hide quiet rabbit hide
I have two cats One Black and One Gray One scratches and one plays
im sorry if i made u blue all your life im sorry for your life im sorry for you  do you forgive me im sorry about your life
In the wind, in the wind the bird would fly.
Love Millions of people looking for you
     The days fly by, but they seem to drag on, work, school ,work, school, that’s all I have time for, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, my coworkers make m
Before I was bornIt was warm and cosy.Sometimes I felt uneaseBut the rest was rosy.  
It all began that one day. It was a dark and dreary day. I could sense what was coming. I could feel it in my bones. Something good and bad was going to happen.
When I was born, I was told that no one would ever love me. I went through my early months, feeling unloved. No matter what my mom did, when she was not around I would get tortured.
          All I do is love you But look what you put me through You come home drunk, angry and swinging I cower in fear awaiting the stinging
I fondle your side and search into your eyes.  I hear your heartfelt cries.  The experience of the wild spirit that I see  and your longing to be free. Yet, I promise you will find some felicity with me. 
Why is it so painful to love someone you love but only as they put it. a friend. why is it so sad to always walk around like you dont have feelings for that. friend. why do you have to try so hard to pretend.
Two in LOVE yet so far a p a r t under a cloud of darkness   BEAUTIFUL together like a brideandgroom a hurt heart until spring   hidden from people’s sight
You find it at night when you sleep in bed and the days that you come home and rest from the voices in your head. They pray for it and run to it and can't get enough of it. Peace. Serenity.
 A slight thud  
They walk along the floor just as us, but with more of those toes, and more of their feet.
Shes beautiful and strong . She gave us life and is wise when to take it. She loves you even if you attack her. She gives to us, even when we steal from her. She tries to warn us but we won't listen.
How can you slaughter them? The poor, hopeless babies The weary, weak elders All the souls in between   How can you sleep at night, Knowing that you are causing this suffering?
I think of my pets, and wonder what is wrong
When I graduate high school, I'm definitely going to cry. I'll try hard not to, but there's no doubt I will.   When I graduate college, I'm definitely going to cry. I'll try to be strong,
My mother told us when we were young that we were born to fight.
long ago these words were my own trapped in there cultural flow stuck no were to go then the light shined on a night i dined now i have awoke whith a big hard choke scared but dared
ILost in the city Shrivled ears, bitten tail--pain Lonely cat...please help IIDog barks in alleyHisses, more cats, dumpster-fullKitten meows in dump
She looks up at me with big green eyes (blink, blink). Stretch, purr... STR-----EEEEEEEE----TCH, purr. A head butt, nudge, its food-o-clock. Snuggle time, kneading paws, sleep. I'm not a believer in reincarnation,
There is no greater joy in life than that of being the suject of a dog's love. They are excited to see you, excited to be near you, just happy to breathe the same air as you.   Dogs, it seems,
*/ /*-->*/ Perfect student, break no rules
A world of imagination The impossible is possible This place was the creation From what was once an obstacle   A sanctuary for marine mammals They are well cared for Multiple species of animals
Child upon the horse Horse runs strong with a spirit He sees through the lies Spirit brings life to the girl
Playful, loving, full of energy. Golden fur and a long bronze tail. Capable of killing, But unwilling to do so.
The dog is in the corner of the room Doesn’t know what he did wrong His owner holds a belt Ready to leave a welt Smack…smack…smack goes the belt No one is around to stop it The dog squeals in pain
Who am I really? I don't even know. I've hidden myself so well, That not even I can find me. I'm hidden behind a persona of courage.  A persona of happiness.  Every year the masks change.
I  write --because I feel To their deaf ears, my audible pleas have no appeal.
I don't remember it much, but I was born in a small kennelFrom my mother's womb into the light outside the dark tunnelThere were six of us, my littermates and I together
Oh, How broken wings equate with welded bars! Constant calling muffled by apathetic metal The caged bird is hopeless...   Oh, How the virulent idea infects its pure mind! Insanity induces grave self harm
While they dine at the table I close my eyes
The Hand of God
  I once saw a billow, Rising above the throng, It’s turbid hue polluted by, The clouds of dust,
How much for that pup in the window?How much turmoil has he been through?Why must you breed again and again?This is where I come in.Saving and rescuingThat is my destinyPeople say they're cute for a whileThat pup lives to see you smile.How will yo
Small and abandoned left by those who should have cared Love your furry friends
Ten Seconds There are six, ten seconds in a minute. Three thousand six hundred seconds in an hour- three hundred and sixty, ten seconds.
Aggressive, Unpredictable, Violent... attacking people on the streets, hurting newborns in their sleep, almost as if I'm a creep! I never meant to hurt you, but that's what society expects me to do,
Changes A Pit Bulls Name I see pain in those eyes,  each thing thats happened,
Slaughter Natural birthright Human apathy, indifferent Your dinner: tortured souls Murder
I have love and pain, when you're in love theres alot to gain
All These Years All these years a little girl has thought and pondered. All these years a little girl has cried.
I heard another sad story today, Another pet went in a grave, They say it was the owners, in dismay I bowed my head and started to cry No air or water was left to survive
My emotions are bursting out like a screech on a violin.  I miss you and it's this pain I can not hold within.  
Kept in confined cages, waiting out their days. A peeled radish in the nude, executed for a posh pelt; purely for the avarice of humans.   A dorsal fin removed to prepare a luxury soup,
I've yet to see the light of day. "Animals don't feel", they always say. I grew up, not loved and overfed. Just so my meat can be placed between two slices of bread.   What did I do to deserve this,
I wash the dishes with phosphates And they go outside, down the drain. They land in rivers with that now have chemicals in their gills.   I water the flowers with oil that leaks from my car.
Time to prepare All stops, to sit down Green, Red, Brown Medicine within Organic love traveling Longing satisfaction Lasting energy Yellow, Purple, Blue Not a soul abused
This music beats loud in my ears This knife feels cold in my hands Blood stains the concrete This act stains my record I am labled crazy as i dance around the gasping soul Laughing i take another life
Can't you help me,
"The Unknown"Tossed and heaved into the unknown
My heart is in more ruins than the Aztec temples. And I cant find enough pieces of debris to build a proper wall around my guarded heart.
My barrier is covered and wrapped viciously in these chains, the effort put into freeing this barrier are slim to none. i don't love and i do not sympathize for the other sex.
Bark Bark We can't understand
To the cruel and the heartless, you know who you are. Don't try to turn your head, you don't have a heart.  You may not know me, at least not well.  But don't you worry, because soon you will.
Air has been getting lighter since I was pushed in, Feels like forever ago. Water has been getting murkier the deeper I sink, Roof hidden from the low.
At night I sleep and become a frog Being a bully on spiders and beetles I enjoy jumping from log to log
What makes me tick                         Tick...                          Tick... The time ticking away   The lives of the creatures                          Tick...
I watch them leap and twirl and dance.  
What I learned from my cat:
I look to the clouds For fear of falling to reality Where dogs’ hearts are broken into pieces We blame the breeds But we don’t blame ourselves For what we’ve done to the dogs
A fox lay languid on simmering asphalt. Its eyes guileless, life dripping from its wounds.    Its ochre coat still shone like the sun,   sneaking through the clouds.   Both the fox and the sun pounce
All i see is pain.            Why do you hurt us so much? Humanity? cruelty.
There's a road by mide side by my left feet Ther's a guide by my side just ti help me I got the sun, i got the peace, i got someone to me me Here I am I told you that when the morning come
Loyalty is all I know Forgiveness is the meaning of my life Unconditional love is seen in my eyes. Yet you hurt me. Hit me. Cage me. And for what? Am I not supposed to be man’s best friend?
All I wanna do is play, But I'm watching the days pass away, And although you don't give me toys to chew, Master I will always love you,   You walk in the door and I'm happy,
Back, Forth Creak  Forth, Back Creak  Thunder pounds down on a bleeding soul Lightening flashes across the jewel eyes of a Hummingbird Golden gates surround her
If... I was a bird I would be free flying up and down
To match her skirt of scarlet red Below a long, grey coat, The crown of feathers on her head  Above a soft, pink throat.    Below a long, grey coat
The leopard is almost entirely solitary, so he is seeking it, seeking it, all his thought is bent upon it. And in the valley far below, they leave a shallow scrape and passed, still standing.
My flesh, bones, and blood... Always being torn apart by a monster. Unknown by their actions, If I survived, I'd wake up with blood on my fur...   I'd cry, whimper and beg...
Don't let me go, I only wanted your attention. Sorry for biting on your shoe and destoying the yard I just wanted to have some fun, Since your hardly around. Don't let me go, Into the unkown.
The life I see That othert do not There must be The answers I've always sought   The eyes of an animal What intellegence within Is a beauty more tangable To ignore it is a sin  
My memory is flimsy, weak to the remembrance             but…   Never forgotten are the sentiments that cause my heart to cry   Savory veracity Appeal to my palette
One job can change my life When I can wake up to the sun caressing my face Take nature at its most beautiful, and it's most terrifying One job can change my life By calling it not a job but a privilege
One job may give me hope. One job may define my life. One job; the chance to change my future.   One place, North Carolina. One place, the destination of my growth. One place, the animal sanctuary.
I used to be a weird little girl Who'd rather play with lizards than pearls. In the fifth grade I had an obsession with tigers Almost as strong as Napoleon with ligers.
Living shadow, masqueraded in darkness incarnate, A jungle prowler gifted with rare sable hues of remarkable sight. Alas, displaced from its spectral realm to stalk no more, a face frozen in time,
You brought me home to love me, yet I stay here all alone. Not worth your time or trouble, out of sight and out of mind. I hurt because I'm hungry, I hurt because I'm cold, and yet you pass right by me all the time.
Ever held a dead, lifeless body in your arms?
I want to have a job that Electrifies Sends love in sparks through the skies I want be the shelter for The "less priviledged" The ones without a voice The ones who get tossed aside
From the age of six, I've been asked what I'll be. A doctor. A princess. A captain of the sea. All of the above are applaudable choices. Though, none involve the usage of voices.
Humans are viewed to be compassionate,
Poor animals abused and hurt Humans just continue on and worry about their new shirt People abusing their power  While animals shake in fear and cower I wanted to help those poor souls 
For all of my lifeI have been told,"follow the crowd"and "fit the mold".But I am unique,you see.
I first witnessed it on television.It could not be reality.I saw it in my own neighborhood.It was reality.I knew that there had to be a change.This became my reality.
A purebred pedigree dog Beautiful beyond repair Stars of the dog world Spoiled and loved by human hands  
To USE your mind, Is to Utalize time, Frame To follow a Path, Is to find SUPPORT, Build To speak one's mind, Is to complete the ALLEGORY, No shame.
  An Orca incaptivity becomes aggressive, they should be peaceful adoring creatures but instead locked away in a swimming pool,
Is it now or is it never? Is it here or is it there? Is it the end or Just the beginning? Is it friends that destroy us or Our enemies that save us? Ask and Answer We will see So choose
A little animal’s life could end, with one swing of a stick.
Everything is perfect, the way it's meant to be. The sun is beating down on me while I'm in the water, splashing 
In my community We have many manatee, We need to protect the sea cow And I can tell you how,
Dream Career How becoming a Vet would change my life I’d be able to showcase to the world that I’ve arrived Nothing or no one could bring me down As long as I’m caring for animals I’d be wearing the crown
It needs to change so it shall, Eventually with or without me here.     I can change thee or others; I could be acquisitive changing my mien, and my myriad faults;
I’m lost in My mind I Keep thinking About her I lay in my Big loaf just Thinking when Will I see her? All I can do Is pray while I’m sitting on The rim of a
The end Of his life approached from behind Straight through the wall he cowered against The shadow Of our hate-tinged body swallowed him once again
I was born and I loved you Who am I kidding? I still love you I know you, you you They whispered through the slivers of light as they passed the rattling big thing, "You belong somewhere else,
The fish say he doesn't care, Whether in the lake, pond, or ocean, Even if he doesn't know how to swim, He say he'll practice, Even if it takes years, Or all his life, He say he'll practice,
animals are awsome ,animals are cool,animals are tight,animals are ficty
Resting my tiresome eyes, whilst not listening to whom has to speak; For I know what the truth is, yet no one sees as clear as the words that go unheard. These beings make no sounds, a voice box gone to waste;
Caught up in the now of young woman yearsmy thoughts are at seaan ocean full of my fears.Pulled too many ways than a girl should beAre these flames of hell too strong for me?
The One Job That Changes Lives I hear their feet Barely touching the ground, Along side white wooden fences
There are a few things I know of a surety, one is that there's great power in purity, Not just in actions, but words and in deeds. This is something, I think the world needs.  
What would you change If you could change Anything at all?   Would you make your parents Happy? Or would you go back In time? Correct a mistake? Do Better at school? Be nice to
A law that frowns upon animals getting put down
  When everyone else sees only a snarling muscular killing machine I see misunderstood protectors and companions on that silver screen
Little sweet creature Alone in the night
World Hunger and Wars is what I am predicting my family would say However, this is not what ruins my day Animal Rights is what needs done It needs to change in more ways than one
Saving lives is what I want to do It may take a year of college or a few However I know it will be worth it Every hour of studying every bit
My dream job, is to be a doctor, of animals of course, But I cant help if their owners are feeling hoarse.  
As humans. We can get things ourselves. We have thumbs I aspire to be a veteranarian. I can accomplish this goal on my own ...But what about those who are helpless Like newborn babies
  You think you know me! Who I am, what I’m about. Let’s be honest here, you have no idea. Muchin? I go there. College? It’s near.
If I could change one thing, big or small,no stray would be put down at all. 
Animal curelty is everywhere It's become a part of everyday life and no one seems to care. It's in our everyday products, our medicine, our food And yet our attitudes towards this subject have become horribly eschewed.
Beaten. Scared. Abused. Wondering what they did wrong, And so confused. Ever since you brought them home They trusted you. Now every time you come around They run from you.
Maybe it’s ‘cause I’m not pretty. Maybe it’s ‘cause I’m not always calm. But whatever it was, how did I deserve what they did to me?   I wasn’t born in this city. I didn’t want to be ripped from my mom.
I look in your eyes and what do i see? I see my reflection and you abusing me Why do you do this? Have I not shown you love? How do i deserve this? What have i done wrong?
Swimming in a pool of amniotic fluid Virgin to the unknown world. Momma cow releases her child, filled with joy to have brought a child in to this world.
I look down, And she looks up. My brown eye, to her black one.   I walk on above, she swims in the pool. Separated by only, Fifteen feet and a tilted pane of glass.  
From the age of 9 I wanted to become a vet Not the war kind the animal kind I've had dogs and fish.
They cannot speak as you and I do. Do we realize the pain they go through? Through and through it happens again. Again and again they are abused. Abused by the people they call family.
  The scorching Serengeti heat casts a spotlight
 Shining on a glorious creature whose life is finite
 He enters the land of the stories untold But he is the hunter whose task is so bold

Animals are God's voiceless angels.                                                                                                    Who show us how treat all of God's life forns.                                                                 
My mind is delusional as its twists it's fist around me.
Why is it that we assume that only humans are destined for greatness, That only we are allowed to live freely and love freely
Why do you keep me outside in the cold? As I lay on the ground, I am just seven years old. My whole body shivers, I can't feel my feet, I just want to come inside and have something to eat.  
Leaves shine yellow, orange and red as the Sun breaks through each branch, Setting the tree aflame. Sparks jump and dance from the limbs and Excite the quiet stream below.  
They are mans best friend but sometimes man becomes its worst enemy. They shiver and huddle in the corner of a kennel. Afraid for their lives. They have no clue what they have done to deserve such punishment. Why can man just be gentle?
  Is it humane? To keep such an exquisite animal in a tank, All for our personal gain. Captured at the age of two, Tilikum has built up a mound of rage. Wouldn’t you?
Silent homes For those with voices that can’t be heard
Human's, living things that once did not exist and then take over the world like they were the first ones here.
Cat An animal with fur and 4 legs Meowing and Dancing Chasing mice down the hall Leaving Footprints on my heart
My life does not truly begin without a dream,
Entering the animal shleter is a life changing event. Loud screams drowned out by the wrench of upcoming death. What is the purpose of killing animals? To make space for more animals to die? It is not their fault.
A kind, tender, benevolent creature living on it's own Content at it's highest it still remains, even within this time zone   With a heart so pure and full of life We destroy it, with our native hunting knife
I see you. I hear you. But do I know what you're saying? My duty is to save you life You may not know it but I’m looking after you
Where are the Wild Things When they are no longer wild There is no chance for them to explore When there is no chance for them to live I want to save them from all of man's doings
If I obtained the power to look at any situation through my dogs eyes i would look at the front door and wonder what lays outside behind it and if i ever got the chance to run beyond that door i would
i wonder who it could be that would want me for me who could include my faults in whats best of me why cant i see when will he show its been a dream of mine he holds the key
I come off as a person who has always known
What would i change, to make this world better? A home for th homeless? Give a freezing body a sweater?
I was going to be a vet for as long as i can remember, I was decided, convinced, wanted to be a member. Animals were my thing, And the money was nice. There really was no reason to ever think twice.
Cubicle after cubicle Dim fluorescent light The hum of air conditioning No end to the day in sight Here there is no passion We work to pay the bills We work because we have to
One job may change my life, but my goal is to change the lives of animals. Saving their lives,
 The one job that will change my life. That one and only job will be the one I have always dreamed of. Veterinarian Technology.
how could you hurt something so defenseless how could you not love something so innocent shame on you, just shame on you a life that hurts an animal is less than a life to me
Although it's been two years now I am still reminded everyday and it brings me to a bow. The new playful puppy next door,  and all I want to see is you on my floor. Being strong through these days is hard,
Take me to the next level, of joy and understanding Look at the beauty right in front of you, instead of sleeping silently.   They see me, but do they really look? Can they look past this book?
  Our future depends on US.
The little boy, playing in bed
They have no voice to ask for help from those called to love Yet you hear their cries all over the world Blood is shed like rain from above Cruelty so deep it makes your blood curl  
They will break your heart Innocent lives gone forever Simply euthanized Taken without their consent Animals, we are their voice
Fancy Rats, Dwarf Hamsters, Himilayan Cats Wild life like Raccoons, and pests like sewer rats. Every waking moment, I think of each one and how i'd like to save them all before my life is done
Trapped behind bars, innocent and helpless with no voice.  We merely gawk and awe. Sounds of "ooh" and "ahh" fill the air.  There's a sadness, we try to ignore.  Some know its wrong, 
A song is more than what you hearmore than what you see
She told you she was going to be there threw thick and thin
Running with manes flowing in  the wind,  The beauty of their hearts within. Their hooves pounding across the ground. Their kind spirits so nice to have around. They have been there to aid in all our wars, 
There's something poking my stomach A sharp angry pain It's hard to cope with Maybe if I lie still it will subside...
I want to be a bunny Rabbit to hop all my cares away I want to munch on carrots and grass to play with other bunnies that are carefree and don't sass   I want to hop away if their is a storm
These animals cry and weep.
Everyday fighting, starving, and killing, Everyday going through the motions, Where is our American dream? Where is the promise of a better future? Those who want school can't afford it,
When she stares into the void All thoughts displayed On a silent one act play Her eyes open to all As the black veil torn
Ten feet off the ground Who can touch us now?   Grab my hand. Hold it tight. Look where we stand.
Sad dreary eyes longing to be cleaned. 
I've only just discovered this, there's no way you can tell me that this is fake!
When I was a small puppy I brought smiles to your face We played and we had fun You petted me softly You told me what a good puppy I was
Tricked into traps, Locked in cages, Thrown like trash off the tops of trucks. Scared, alone and helpless, They wait. They wait for their turn to be violently tortured,
Scared. Hurt. Pain. Why? Please master.
How can you hit, kick, and drag a brute? Throw them in a pit for your own amusement? It's people like you that should get the boot   Why do you wonder why you're in disrepute?
They walk They talk They run They play and have fun They eat and sleep They laugh and weep They form lasting relationships Sometimes they get left out on their own They have a family
  It's time to fathom the impossible, it's time to get to work - she said. Where to begin? She circled her evironment thrice before dawn.
"I stand before this great and wonderful creature. His powerful muscles quiver under his sleek and shining coat. He tosses his head, his mane flowing like waves in the ocean. Large brown eyes stare back at me, into my heart.
Pigs, chickens, cows, and goats. Products on my shelf. Unable to speak as I rip off thier coats.
You looked at me, like I looked at you the first time I brought you home.With eyes filled with fear, of loneliness and a desperate cry for help.
  I was a lover, when I was found,
Warm or cold, high tide or low Liquid, salty, blue, and constant motion Pretty shells you want to stow
they are lovely and beautifulprotective and terrorialjust like any other dog.they love being around peoplelove the attentionjust any other dog.Pitbulls are not monstersfighterskiller.
 I speak for the hypersensitive people. we are small in number, but we make up for it in love. when you are sad, we feel every tear that is shed. when you are angry, we feel your rage.
They come hurt, sick, bleeding, and scared. They are loveing, they are frearful. They do not understand why they are here. I hold them with loving arms as they shake and tremble 
The herds, Roaming free, Millions of black dots, Inhabiting the west, -Bang- The fatal crack of a gun, One falls then begins, Domino effect, Once sacred to the Natives,
It’s cold out here. Did I do something wrong?   When can I be with you again?
put aside the crack walk by the crack see the plumber's crack now it is time to see and listen and maybe have a heart attack because my friends degrak is back  
The grass dances with the wind to the music of crickets.   Horses stand around flicking off flies which does nothing.   Clouds move freely About the sky and
It’s a shame. This world we didn’t choose to live in. It’s a shame that he is born into this world, all smiles and cherub hair, not knowing that he is already decaying.
Feels as a human pained like a man it's easy to believe they dont percieve, to justify or pardon the suffering we subject. They dont speak but communicate silently!
There are few who truly know you, who truly understand. For others just see the veil that everyone else has draped upon you. They only see the fabrication of something that is a nightmare to others.  
Found A round Honor bound Make not a sound Buried mound Sorely wound Lockless pound Kindness downed Restless hound
you don't hear the words they can't say their eyes hold the memories of the past they survive day by day they don't remember how long it'll last they stay hidden as long as they can
Roses are red Violets are blue I still cry over you No matter what happens I will avenge your beautiful soul. I know that I played a role, But I will see your legacy known.
Treating me as if I am a slave, Yet I am more free than you will ever be, You tell me not to speak, But I will speak even louder, You put a chain around my neck, But I will pull until you let go,
we don't all want to be geniuses,
  Geometry shouldn't even be a subject in high school Why do we need to know how to plot point on a graph?
I love my pug She has the cutest mug She loves to eat bugs We currled up on the rug Say No to drugs
What does a bird wish for? Does it want to swim or would it rather appreciate mighty wings Would the king of the jungle want the knowledge of being technical Or a shark being able to hunt below and above the sea
i wake upbut i'm not homelying on the cold hard floorcement walls as i crawlleaning up on one armbut where am ii dont knowall i know isim lost
I sit alone in an empty room,
Recycled salt water fills a glimmering cement hole, not to mention the animal inside who was ripped from his soul, it's not taking a toll, like undressing eyes fixated on a stripper's pole. 
mr.angrove thanks for constantly being on me about my work and helping me get prepared for college .
Flowers and flames You are the center of my frame Came to me you have with a dance to my rhythm and I a rhythm to your melody A passionate correlation to a warm midnight rhapsody
I've been walking these streets for a long time.
The princess of the Pridelands, Her fur golden-orange, bright like the sun, and her soul reflects that, Overprotectivness from Simba, the king, her dad, causes a streak of darkness.
Despite being gallantYou are so flippantNow you have crumbledUnder the weight of your own bundleWhich is filled with avariceAnd governed by men of malice
What did i do wrong? I sit here cold wet and alone. Unless they beat me.
They come when you call them they go when they please they bring what you tell them with a free pack of fleas. You take care of them they take care of you the cost of protection
You’re a well-known company, eaten in many homes, it’s true… You sell lots really cheap so everyone can buy you. You don’t taste too bad, but definitely not the best, Yet for you, there should be an arrest.
Too young, too small, but maybe so am I.
The bitterness of one night stands, That void filled with strangers' hands. Eye lashes flutter over stained bed sheets, As familiar scenes are relived, and they weep.  
Rainy, cold sharks quietly desire a rough, rough reef.Why does the wave wave?
The Place Where I Belong       What is my community? The place where I belong Filled with the ones I love Who keep me going strong Without my friends and family
A lonely K-9. Been lost and abused by one. Somebody love me.
The Pit Bull friend or foe Mans best friend or no? Bread a killer or a devoted companion. The gentle giant to some, A murderer to most. Powerful, Intimidating, caring all so true,
Because of love I write Because of love I will fight Because of love I smile Because of love I travel miles Becasue of love I cry Because of love I won't say goodbye Becasue of love I sacrifice
As I look at these seven stories, it’s difficult not to cry. These poor animals are beaten, abused, and left to die.   Students in Vegas cut of the head of a bird, exotic and rare.
I am the one who fought for you Because it’s what you asked. I am the one who would have died for you If to me that is what you tasked.  
  Hello precious little one Will you sing again A duet with me You know it makes me So very happy The joyful notes arching The low notes resonating And everything perfectly tune  
You walk in. I stop, stare. You sigh, and lean on a wall.   I’m shocked, You were in shock.   Hair missing, And skin stitched together, From the battered, tattered, pieces.
They say he is one of many, not worth more than any given penny. He has been passed along from hand to hand "too big, to weird, not fit for demand." His scars explain his many fears, a trailer, a whip, an auctioneer.
  Hundreds of children All yelling with glee Come running inside With much to see. I sit here, Scared and alone,
Shy , quiet, Invisible She doesn’t speak Afraid to be seen as weak, Always thought her life was miserable. She hides, She cries, She dies inside Hidden and Scared.  
I wish to be a kangaroo in the wild unrestrained free leaping to where i wish to be soaring through the sky landing wherever my heart desires  
I love turkey,  It tastes so good. I'm so glad i dont live in da hood Amen.
I am confronted by all their faces. The faces that say please love me In place of my owner who is an absentee. So, here I am, giving out warm embraces. I wish my work was enough,
I do not have nine lives My wounds take time to heal They hurt and I have no pain medicine When I am abused, how do you think I feel?   I do not shed human tears But I do make noise from the pain
When you go to the grocery store They don't tell you about the hormones and anibiotics That is in the chicken and meat you buy   They don't tell you about the lives  That those chickens didn't get to live
Hate the world Hate it hard. Hate it 'til the scars are gone. Hate me here Hate me there. These people hate me everywhere. Love is strong, But hate is stronger. Everyday my hate grows longer.
Maybe the timing’s not right. Or maybe it’s just not meant to be. Should I put up a fight? Or should I let it be?   I keep running into you. We’re so close, yet so far.
Why me? I thought you loved me? You picked me up and saved me. Why? Why did you want a friend? To make another creature feel miserable                                                              
You held me. Spoke few but The words Gone, You were gone and your shadow left   I can’t see myself- In the mirror, A figure of stranger struggling. Holding on to the smoke
Nocturnal RainbowsMy life is full of good times but mostly bad times like no other,My emotions and feelings with inner thoughts can only be explained by color.Not just normal colors of a school taught rainbow Just the outrageous colors of my noctu
Behind the glass You look so different But then again We're the same in other ways Like how we feel Alienated  But I'm not performing in a show Every single day How does it feel
I went to the bus hoping she their  my one only crush  her smile made me want to blush thinking what to say give he how do you do no to corny she might think im horny As I went she was not their 
Night and Day your at my side,             my friend my heart my peace. Lighten my mornings,             watching you run and play and chase. Brighten my nights,            next to me close warming my dreams.
The children have grown old, though there are many, this land is new but, my mother is a terrorist,   they are working hard, to survive their unchosen location, but the fear returns when,
Pain Pain Pain The echo of the thought resonates through the cold stiff air like a horrific cacophony, Why does it never get better how does it continue to get worse my life flashes befor my eyes,
I love the way thou walked into my soul,Thy eyes brilliant rays of golden sun,That from the horizon came and then stoleMy heart with one look. Thy potent glare doneWhat Narcissus  could not have done before.
when we first saw them we wanted them for our own to love and to care for till death do us part what ever happened to the love that was there what happened to treating them like family
Save me I can no longer help myself My shattered soul lies on the ground Save me They're all enchanted with the wealth There is no way up, only down Save me My products lie upon the shelves
I’ll Never See Your Face Again   I close my eyes and try to remember your face Every detail Every shade The pain swells up as I know                 I will never see that face again.
What are dreams? Childish fantasies come alight? the fabric of imagination - a seam? Are they tears of the moon? the effects of a fever? hallucinations that have bloomed?
Some may not know it Because they can’t show it Dogs feel, taste, touch, and smell But compared to humans not as well We hurt, as do they They know when we are just putting on a play
We write slow, you teach fast. If i don't answer, don't move on.Want us to understand fast, but you don't have patience to go slow enough for our brains to register everything. We are not all smart or fast learners. Time is good for us.
Bacteria, Amoeba What disgusting creatures Forest beings, forest fires Homes destroyed "Free to roam in the initial chaotic aftermath" Who cares? Your pet dog—so precious
Cat did purr ever so softly and dream she did of warm milk and mice
Soft, silky fur. Large, pleading eyes. Warm, cuddly bodies. Genlte, rhythmic heart beats. Happy, care-free tail wags. Obedient, loving demeanors. Trusting, dependable friends. How could anybody hurt such sweet, innocent puppies and kittens?
You live, you die, you laugh, you cry That is how life goes, but i wonder why Some say it is like a roller coaster It takes you to your highs and lows Others say it is like a journey
Why do they look at us like that? Full of love, patience, forgiveness Why do we take this for granted? They suffer at our hands, Yet continue to look at us in devotion. Shouldn’t we return that look?
A small bird with broken wings Left to die by all that pass A soul which once fluttered across the great expanse of sky Now lies twisted and broken upon the ground   And I am left to ask
With my neck in the collar and the collar to the leash, I have nothing to live for, except eating loose meat.   I once had a mother, she understood me, Now I have nothing
What's that there? What's that here? It was near, now it just disappear!   What did it do? What did it went off to? It sure flew, but I think it likes you!   It just past by.
I miss fighting with you to see your 'I told you so smile" I know I wont see it for awhile I miss the look in your eye when you know what you're doing You always do whatever you want to
It shouldn't be bothering me this much I'm considered a grown man to most people but damn My synapses are imploding It's not heartache and soul crushing is too dramatic It's odd
The forest was entirely still, The deer stood alert and silent, They knew the day had come, To face the hunters who were violent.   Gunshots came and gunshots went, Each animal fearful of its own fate,
Dark, wet brown, covered with an  orange, pink, and blue beach towel.  the clean scent, freshly washed. long Gray whiskers  damp black nose. Rocky   
I rush off to school and forget to fill your bowl with food But still you love me I stomp past you angrily to my room because I had a bad bad, ignoring your affections But still you love me
Dawn emerges just above the horizon. The night lingers in the black sky. And she dances with her twin, nipping necks With white teeth and the moon’s foggy breath appears to us brightly. Pale eyes peer up to mine, smiling.  Cold water clouds my vie
湾岸や 走り屋乗ってる 排気ガス   Wangan ya Hashiriya notteru Haiki gasu   On the bayshore route Street racers are out driving Exhaust gas in air  
They say im man's best freind, But if that's true why are they doing this? Why do they hit me like they do? All i've done to them is love them, I've protected their kids and now this!
I start out at a run, being pulled right along; I sure hope we slow down before very long! We come to a mailbox and come to a stop But not after long, we're off at a trot. A car's coming by!  I tug at the leash
Tears well in her eyes as you hit her once more. She doesn't understand, can't quite comprehend. What did she do to arouse such anger? Was it when she barked at that stranger?
Do you love me? Because I love you From the moment I saw you I knew! You're the one I knew you would take care of me
She approaches, her claws scratch the surface of my heart. Always and forever I tell he     r even though it was just the start, she smiles and lays one on me then another, ok ok I say, I know we were made for eachother.
Some people find that peace of mindComes after second guessing,Rearranging words and deedsFixing all the "dressing"But me I'm more, another brand,I'm on a whole new level.I second guess a million times
Some people find that peace of mindComes after second guessing,Rearranging words and deedsFixing all the "dressing"But me I'm more, another brand,I'm on a whole new level.I second guess a million times
As I sit in this cage and look into your eyes I am surrounded by my feces and all of these flies You look at me without sympathy As I yearn for some love and affection My fur is all knotted and my nails over grown
If I die old, Bury me in the ground. A headstone? No need! Because I’m just a hound.   Please don’t give me A funeral procession. And to my pups, Give all my possessions.  
      When you drive your car and your engine burns fuel, Do you know what it does to me?   When you turn your heater on in the cold winters,     Even when you purchase groceries,
My stomache rolls, My thoughts bounce on and off the walls. I'm not sick, I'm not content.   Some days I fly higher than the sky itself. Other days I feel like I am plummeting to the ground.
The cardinal is red                                                                                    Happy as can be With its wings spread                                                                          
My one true call to nature, to life, to existence I love the sound of Opera and someday you’ll hear me singing it Because I can They won’t hold me back I write because I‘m human: simple as that
I take a deep breath in, Out, Readying myself. Strap my helmet tight, get my kneepads on, "I'm going out!" I yell,  hoping I was heard, and start my day. Walking through life,
Emerald eyes, black fur Sisco, king of the jungle Never to return.
fingers run down your coat. a hand strokes your side. you retain nothing. where’s the love I once felt pouring from your skin? you aren’t absorbing the love I’m rubbing to your bone. move, baby, look at me.
        Every day, The hurt, It wakes me.   I am the feline, Across the road, coddled by mange's kiss.   Who am i?   I am he, The pitbull,
His head is bopping His legs be hopping The amount of love from him is countless Never had a friend so precious Our bond is strong and endless Everytime I see him after a school semester my heart is gracious
You are the reason why i open my eyes,You are the one who makes me breathe,You are the reason of my survival,You are the one behind my smile...You taught me how to enjoy every moment,And what is the meaning of tolerance,You have made me strong eno
Horses are my life The Past Present and Future Everything to me
My heart breaks
KITTY so soft, KITTY so sweet, KITTY come cuddle, And lay next to me.   I am not KITTIng, I'll draw you a map. I need you right meow, Here in my lap.      
Why I write is simply so when my words sprout wings and take off into my soul my mind and spirit filled with dismay writing is the ticket as I take on the soul train Why I write
i usually have a wall that reaches the sky, but you, you really made it disappear.  there was something about you that really made me take down that wall, brick by brick.
A Rose with no thorns   The favorite of the Sun, she bloomed like no other.   Many a spring ago.   Years have passed. And in this hidden spring, a cool wind blew. While the Sun left to rest.   The old rose was now all alone.   Except for a bud, hi
Compassionate describes her heart A simple girl, just trying to do her part Such a small sacrifice she makes Simple: just no eggs in her cake I hear the excuses, they are never ending
  Calling from the church I heard God’s refusal and caught you in my arms.
I think of her as a card board cut out.You know as if she's a puppet of what she thinks perfection is.I ask myself..What really defines perfection?What defines beauty?
A way of expressing my thoughts  without getting caught A way of taking my anger and letting it rot. A way of soaring above the world   while letting happiness unfurl. Poetry isn't a hobby; in reality,
I have a rose for you. It isn't perfect. The stem is broken and a few of the petals have wilted. But its aroma is still there alive and present as it has always been. But I cannot keep it
God made creatures Both big and small What he didn't intend Was for us humans to neglect them To abuse them and leave them Take a stand to stop this cruelty against these poor creatures
Remember the whispering of the waves, Beating on the whitewashed shore, Remember my friend the great summer days, When we went frolicking to the shore, To meet our friends, the whales
America Is simply one big anthill. we build foundation for country to start on. We get a bigger population. We start exploring new territories. We go to other places and kill other people.
The best business technique is influence. Watch T.V and listen to the radio. engulf what's being given. Do what they do and as they say. You will become rich. Rich in influences.
Zoo opens at 6am everyone wakes up and gets free breakfast. The older monkeys prepare to entertain while the young ones are getting ready for training.
Things will get better People always change their mood things arent the same ever
Brown dog likes to lay Sun tanning outside brown dog Brown dog likes to play
Been missing my dad,I know you’re messed up, but sometimes I’m glad,We both have a bond that I thought we never had,You say you’ll never judge me, cause you live in your past. 
Every night I have a dream. Every night I dream through the eyes of our rescued dogs. Each of them have sad eyes and they all have night terrors.
Georgie sits by the gate looking all around.  He knows it's getting late and she's no where to be found. The cars keep driving by, but noone seems to care. He begins to wonder why she would want to leave him there. 
Today I wait for help to come I'm lying in this cage With darkness overshadowing me I need the help to set me free I want to reach the sky. I'm sitting here in this cage crying several times a day
I saw the best equestrians during my lifetime created by hard work and perseverance, Bonds with equines of all breeds and colors, along with friends who come and go, but, only the true bonds will last a lifetime,
Not trying to impress, Only trying to express, But i digress. Ingest my ideas Regress to a state With no hate Grate my brain to rid it of pain I can't explain O world refrain
I've never had an owner                                        Yelped, whined..those didn't work And you've never had a pet                                  I waited for you to sleep.Then ran away;
(poems go here) Swiftly he prances across the ocean like desert in the pale moon light,  His head carried proud , his tail carried high,  As he floats across the sand,  Barely making a sound.
    His amber sunset eyes glare upwards Seeing past things as they are For what they should be; A soulful countenance.   Coat well-worn, white, gray,
Why do you hate me? What did I Do? I remember, "Animals to good Homes" That's what the sign said. So why did you get me?   What have I done to deserve this pain?
  How could you dare eat that meat? Animals have feelings too; just like us How would you feel if you also got beat? Just like a mime, they never make a fuss They are Ugly Betty; no one does care
Cat. A domesticated housepet. Kitty-cat. A precious animal. Feline. A mysterious creature. Alley-cat. A dancing street-rat. Kitten. An adorable fuzzy-wuzzy. Wild cat.
Why did you adopt me to only tie me up to a tree....At first when I was a puppy and small I would receive love from all but now that I'm growen there's no love to be showen .......You use to call my name and take me to the park for a game of fetch
The morning sun rises The world begins to wake I think of you and start to shake If only life wasn't filled with surprises.
The morning sun rises The world begins to wake I think of you and start to shake If only life wasn't filled with surprises.
Who would go out of their way to find me? Who was looking for me this whole time?    You came back and finally found me again, But where have you been this whole time?   What took you so long?
I am a frog  With no dog Because that dog Ran off my log Even though I chased my dog Off my log In the fog Now I see a hog  About to jog To my log To eat a frog
There are many nights I find myselfthinking about you.Missing you. But notin a longing fora connectionsort of way -not like I used to.
Multimatiumal oil companies pollute the coastal region of africa in search for  crude oil.Every day nobody says anything. people living in these areas cannot fish, farm or get fresh water to drink. they
Terrifying noises Chase me from my home But as I run away Faster still they come   Their henchmen are behind me Nipping at my heels Their howling voices snarling How each of them feels
The words unspoken between me and you, They have the same depth as a city pool. I wait and wait as time flies bye, Thinking about a life full of memories that you left behind.
You and Me togetherNEVER torn apart,When we left each otherWe NEVER grew apart.I Will ALWAYS LOVE You,That Will NEVER change.I Will see you in heavenNo matter what happens.
I want someone who looks at me like that shelter dog As if they look away for a moment, I'll disappear With eyes so full of thoughts waiting to be spoken With a protective streak as long as I am tall I hope they'd stand in the doorway Just to make
As i stand, confident as a lion, feeling like im on top of the world, people come in to terrioze,  thinking they are winning, but there not, I may have my days, but in the end....
I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I did. I didn’t mean to upset you. I loved you with everything.   I’m so sorry If I was in your way I only wanted to see you Being with you made me happy.
Turtles from Madagascar Marmosets from South America A Noah’s ark of endangered species Sinking under the weight of the elephants.   Captured from traffiikers Seized from smugglers
  The partridge swings happily in the tree, For some reason it cannot see, The death day is drawing near, And the partridge doesn't show fear, A cat awaits from afar,
I entered the I AM SECOND spoken word contest with underground christian rap artist, Propaganda. In the actual contest, I have over 300 views. However, I am uploading/sharing the piece from my personal youtube account instead!
Not a rock will be found In the sands of the heartland Bunches of grass will twist and bend In the whipping of the wind   Cattle low in the shallow valleys Antelope run through the flats
I look at you as you sit there with tears flowing down your face. You look up into my eyes, and at that moment tears started flowing down my face. I knew what you were feeling because I had the same feeling.
I bury my face in tufts of soft golden hairInhaling that unique combination of dog and fresh air and pond water and oatmeal shampoo.I sigh a warm breath of relief as I melt into the comfort of his presence.
It all started one day when I was stuck in my room because with no friends to play with I prayed to god that an answer would come soon walked in my sister with something I thought as a myth
Chained in shackles Nowhere to run Day and Night Empty, Hungry Dry, Thirsty Harsh tone Poisoned words Sometimes a shout Sometimes a fist
Animals homeless, Bleeding and unloved. Only showing bones and skin. No families, food or shelter, They live their lives alone.
I Am I am confused and naïve, not a diamond, but a pearl in the rough. I’m a pearl as white as it can be, but I do not shine for just everyone to see. (My Vietnamese name, Ngoc, means “hidden pearl.”) I wonder when it will be my turn.
Such a beautiful face. Now sad and twisted And so out of place. All on her own. You cast her out into the night. Hungry and cold she roams. Why did you give her such a fright? All on her own.
She stays when every one else goes She is the loyalest thing I know And when it comes to it, I know she will never go When I'm sad she makes me happy
Bullets born from our sorrowful tears, cold as ice and clear as crystal Fire through the dense barricade of the emerald-green, leave-covered, tree-filled canopy As an electrified bolt of lightning
I searched and sought and nosed about, I could not find my little trout. He wasn’t on my sisters bed, I’m pretty sure by now he’s dead. I smelt a smell in the kitchen, It smelt a little like cooked pigeon.
Chained as if i were am animal beat til my name had to be misplaced from my memory to take up the name the white man decided to give me I call'em massa cus his emotion made him lash out at me
Here's a story about a cup lost and lonely was the cup we found it sitting all alone Then someone said please pick it up And so they did and washed that cup They washed the cup and let it dry
TO MY PARENTS From birth to death, From daycare to college, From crushes to relationships, From little league to college athletics...
I fell in love with your smile; It was deep, rich and vibrant, Like sunlight that tickles and warms the coral Hiding beneath cool blue-green waters. Your teeth were like shy pearls
Decisions Where to go How to live When to leave Will we return
Dogwood seeds blow through empty kennels bogged by bleach and Dawn If you walk with purpose, you’re invisible to the Catahoula Leopard dog and his howl Hannah stops at every piece of parking lot debris
I can't speak. Not because I don't want to, Or because I'm to weak. There's something keeping me from doing so. I don't know what it is, but its around my throat. Making it hard to breathe.
Never knowing where we’re going. From the depths we glow. Go with the flow. The current our only guide. Only want a hug. Why does no one like us? The stinging, the pain.
Running and barking, He lives and breathes but-- He has no name.
Once you realize that their just like us you really don't have to make such a big fuss they breathe sleep and eat just like me all Animals in the world need to be free
Abuse of a pet Innocent as a child Never forgiven.
Duct tape Punch Kick Throw Slap Cut Bruise Scratch Scrape Starve Hurt Thirst Weight
Expectation is experience laced with arrogance. I would be lying to you if I told you that I expected this. Because of this, the impact was cushioned by a pathetic surrender to a philosophy of acceptance.
I'm tired of my heart hurting. tired of my eyes burning. nothing ever seems to go right so i stay up drenched all night in the tears you bought upon my face and the hurt brought to me from this place
Dashing left, dashing right. Through the trees, through the night. The sound is near, the woods are hushed. Barks ring out, flowers crushed. Sounds of the noble hunt flow and as the sounds of the dog grow
I’m listening to the cool night air of northern Michigan and Bandit stirs awake. The crumpling poly tarp and his muscles stretch before he pads over to the rocky bed of ninebark and
You are like a sunbeam at midnight: a chance encounter. Your breath on my skin is a sweet summer memory. Together, in all kinds of weather, we are a perfect pair. You smell of sweet grass,
A lonely goldfish Who is constantly swimming Without memories
Panda or a dog Unknown of its existence But first a small nap
His hands are cold and his feet are numb. He stands on the corner of dark lonely avenue and waits. Waits for what? I don’t know. Maybe for a miracle or a chance to be forgiven because he knows he hasn’t been living right.
Time flies way too fast There is no reverse Youth is fleeting My childhood is in pieces Is this what reincarnation is for? Re-do Do over Can I take everything I have done back?
Dog Yearning For Loving Adoption Day Home
Birds, do not sing so blatantly When one in cold lies secretly, When one lies dead upon some floor -- My Elsie, gone forevermore.
I've been here for 2 years so far, And I have the greatest owner. He’s kind, and he loves me. He gives me attention every day. When he comes home, I would lick him to no end. I've never been more alive,
Bears and turtles, struggling in the winter cold on the northeastern edge of the city. The darkness wet rain storms and storms they shiver. But wonderful Spiderman delivers a Gift. A warm dry web
Platinum blonde hair. Rosy red cheeks. Bright blue eyes. Always playing with everyone's animals. I'm a little taller. Hair a little longer. Eyes a little darker. I still want to help animals.
Apollo, a bird of mine, He is noisy much of the time. Unless he's sleeping, sitting on me. Unless he's busy, eating or drinking. Then he's yelling for me. I barely get out of the van.
You don't know me; we've yet to meet. But you seem to know all about me. I'm mean and vicious; I'd sooner attack than eat. I don't care who I bite- I'm not the least bit picky. This is why you don't want me here.
What is it to be humane? Being characterized by kindness, mercy, or compassion? We give ourselves to much credit, when we leave our mark in a most abominable fashion.
(poems go here) waiting for recovery, an injured Car licks its wounds. exposure emanating, as the Right Bumper lacks, telling a tale of nature, ironically, admitting its defeat.
Like the human she is beauty, Unlike the human she stands on four legs. She snorts. She swats a fly with her tail. In the mud she naps for hours. Jojo shudders awake. She responds to my love
Man’s Best friend, Loyal companions, And Selfless animals. These are the adjectives that describes a dog. Some are more or less of the descriptions used but none the less
Why, why Am I here lying in bed, Wondering if you ever really loved me, Each passing day you grow farther and farther away. Whatever happened the father always being there, Or do I just not me shit to you.
Death, Always taking lives. Sometimes giving lives back, Only to those who deserve it.
If humans were animals and animals were humans, Maybe then we would understand their pain. Take a look into their eyes as they are put in cages filled with sadness and mistreatment,
He growls, And I wonder: What happened to him When he was just a pup To make him think That he has to be mean.
It started out as punishment, and I deserved it. A kick here, a punch there, a night without supper. I learned the rules quickly; it would kill me to disappoint my humans.
Arachnid terror, dark creature of the night that haunts the cupboards like a blackened wight this fantastical creation who we appoint king of fears is hardly the creature that truly appears
They are creatures just like you and me, That can't speak or defend them self. People treat them crudely, And that doesn't include myself. Animals are helpless against abuse, but that's not an excuse.
Poor little bunny, you ran out in front. Fast as the blowing wind, the only thing on your mind was getting across.
Quincy Quincy My sweet puppy Sleep and snuggle Then cause trouble Sleep sound little baby boy You are the family's pride and joy
Lion Strong, powerful Hunting, preying, stalking Killing animals in seconds King
Mans best friend Free and wild Runs like a child. Loved by all men. Not quite the hen. Trapped in a box, Awaiting its demise, Conscious of surprise.
Mass production of the living Of the white veined flesh that many devour From the helpless weeping animals That were once free from the laws of the world, And the cruelty of its makers
I knew the day, I saw those bright green eyes full of love, Just wanting an home and someone to love her back, My days would not be the same. So I wish for you now,
Do you think this is funny? Do find this amusing? Yesterday it was boiling oil, today it is knives Did I do something wrong to deserve your abusing? What made you want to take my darlings’ lives?
I once flew above treetops through endless sky But in this small wire cage I can’t even fly My claws used to catch prey on the forest floor But now I cannot hunt like I did before
As I stepped outside from my cool home into the heat, the bright light made me squint my eyes, and I called out his name...
You may feel sorry For the humans Because you can actually see Their pain and Their suffering You are human, so You can connect with them But when non-human animals
A dove is as white as snow, Looks more beautiful than a crow, In weddings brings tears of joy on one’s face, Can beat any other bird in a beauty race, At funerals triggers sadness,
Tired of crying Sick of trying Am i smiling yeah, inside but outside im dying
Giant anteaters dancing a tango Twirling and stomping to a strange beat; An old growth of ponderosa pine as their dance floor, With a trio off on the sidelines watching. Abandoned mansion on the shores of an island,
Only one chance Only one place Only one hope And that is YOU
I am an animal lover, I'd rather an animal to a lover. Animals love you unconditionally, not just traditionally. Animals help lower your blood pressure and don't cause pressure. Animals are wonderful not just plentiful.
What do you see when you look at me? Do you see confidence? Do you see potential? Or do you see ignorance And a showoff But do you really know what you're seeing Maybe it's just your imagination
I sing my pages to sleep ruffle their hair with my breath Shh I will never wash their blood clean They bruise into my veins I will water them down and leave them on my skin oh, the joy
As scentless as you appear to be, you are full of diverse aromas to me. As my perfume covers up your silky fur, all I hear you murmur is a soft "purr." Fat, similar to meatballs, you have the world's biggest bluest eyeballs.
The Hunter’s Dilemma The hunter is a proud person Proud of where he comes from Proud of what he does And proud of what he has done.
What are we to them? Clearly something whose soul Should be ripped from their body. They see our vertical spine, and decide the differences, or even similarities in our physical structure has determined
I woke one day to a wonderful surprise, I found all the humans and their creations to be gone. I do not know what brought on their demise, But I canter with pride, for we will live long. This world is sublime
Small as me low from the rest warm as the fireplace a nose as cold as the water penguins swim in a touch so soft one could get lost in eyes so round-pure ears to hear forever
It's funny how you say mean Its funny like it's sad That when you look at the picture All you see is the breed All you ever hear is the aghast whisper of the word pit The word rot Bull Box
(poems go here) Turtle Green and slow But smart with lots of joy A turtle has a vision Where it sees wonderful things But it has one mission To become part of the sea
More than meets the eye Floating precariously, Body beckoning: "Who needs to sting like a bee, When you could just float like me"
Clippity clop. Chip chop. Down goes the prey. Grind. Ground. Ingredient found! No longer free to play. Simmer. Stew. Solid. It's true! The colored gelatin forms. Slippity slurp.
Horses galloping through the open plains The grass cruntching beneath them as they run The wind blowing back their long shiney manes. Oh the amazingly wonderful fun. There's nothing better then a wild mustang
As a rudder the fish use their tail It aids them in guiding their sail But if you were to ask Does it fail at its task Ask the tail of a whale can it sail.
(poems go here)
As I fly through the dazzling sky, I watch as life goes by. With busy streets and lots of people, I notice the ignorance that occurs toward the beauty of nature, placing my kind in lots of danger.
You look around As eyes just like yours do the same All wondering the same thing Nothing matters anymore Your problems seem minuscule As you're whisked away
He has razor sharp teeth and the autumn brown eyes you have ever seen. His lips are covered in blood and his body is skinny and muscular He’s unbearably strong and dangers of every since of the word
Listening to the sound of the "Hand" I gaze in amazment How can one gesture be a word? I gaze in amzement
The whites of her eyes flash Toward the sounds outside the door. The pounding of someone’s steps Clopping up the stairs sends her body Into trembles. Her leg aches in the place
Fat and furry Big and lazy Soft and cuddly and clawy Such is the cat.
Round and round the track i reace the horses dust flying in my face, the leader than begins to slow, now its my time in the show. Im a throughbred.
(poems go here)A Poison Tree I was angry with my friend: I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe: I told it not, my wrath did grow.
People are cruel. Ducklings, goslings, and chicks are hatched each spring to be dyed and put in a child's Easter basket. They are sold off for the temporary joy of their size and faces. They grow up too.
I dream of day, Where there is no pain Where all of God's creatures Are treated the same I dream of a day where people open their eyes to see what they're doing destroying their lives.
What have I done? To deserve this cold floor. What have I done? To be slammed in the face by that door. What have I done? To deserve this short rope. What have I done? I'm about to give up hope.
I had this dog once, He was like a brother to me, Whenever I felt like a dunce, Laying in his spot is where he'd be.
We love you more than we even love ourselves. We live to be loved. Your attention and loving hands embrace us. Your actions train us to be good. Society has honored us. Society has shunned our kind.
There was a time when all my hope was gone I was kicked to the curb without doing wrong My owner had way too many of us to give care She was sick, had a warehouse of us somewhere
"Don't hit her, Daddy!" cries the little girl Daily she sees this Daily she hurts The poor animal she loves laying there, abused She has no clue why he does it She only knows how sad she feels
We As Americans will help out the less fortunate We as Americans will help out people who have nothing We as Americans will help out all people who are dealing with homelessness
I touched a deer yesterday. First its nose then its cheek. I looked into its glass eyes, Sadly empty and dead, Placed when they stuffed its head, Then mounted it as a trophy.
these five cold walls construct a tiny room with a metal-barred door to keep me here. this place has been my home for quite some time now and i grow old and weary in waiting.
Caged and helpless Desperate and Alone Confused and senseless Wishing to go home In a dark room All filled with the wild Everything filled with gloom Scared like a child
I was a good boy, Thankful and proud, I wasn’t too nosey And I wasn’t too loud. What had I done To be pushed to the ground Numerous miles From my beloved town?
Rain covers my pallet in purifying drops My tresses are swollen, bleeding out their tops Bewitched by the wind, and bleeding out their tops
Open the door, pitch black Something pounces, giving me a heart attack Long tongue, licks me in the face It’s Ruger
I lost my llama, so I called up my Mama, She said, “Stop your drama!” Look for the llama; are you sure it’s gone? Is it on the lawn? I checked there already.
Vegan, a what? Cult? A kinda Fruit? Is that in the Middle East? (heard it all) No meat, no animal milk or eggs!?! A freak, a hippy, an anarchist, A radical extremist, must be sickly,
You were so sweet ready to be loved by no else except by me The door opened wide you were free but you ran only to me. Your tail wagging fiercely you were happy as could be
They're quiet and calm, blending into the waves of the ocean shore. Shells hard and tough like stone. Not intimidating or threatening, just there. There living and roaming. There to make the sand its friend and
Animals have feelings too, This is why we should not beat them with a shoe. Animals should be treated like family, Just sit back and see.
Animal Cruelty It’s a subject that angers me They’re beings with feelings Where’s the humanity? “A dog is a man’s best friend,” they say Yet they continue to be abused every single day
Listen to Me for once in your life! You don't know what this pain really feels like. No one knows what I'm saying to you. All you hear is a bark or two. I lie neglected all day, every day.
It sits as a dead rose, laying against ashes. The wings are broken glass. The memories in the little head are just dust in the wind. The scars that were hidden now show more as times go by.
Oh, valiant friend in my past Your memories have come at last! Eyes, bright and shining, Never dull or whining. Rough times came, but you were there Drying my tears and looking fair.
Being alive is a gift yet we like to make life hurt what can they do innocent and frail but all we see is something to sell and what is it you ask violence against animals and its written throughout our past but yet they love us even throughout th
Slanted, sly the cat comes up from the barn's stone side in a clearly evoked mode of attack. I watch from behind the screen closure, reclined, reading the paper. The mouse or bird or rabbit cannot be seen,
It didn't happen, the accident's causation, the hit and run no one reports, no one slows to stop or go out of their way to help the cause of animals struck, deer and racoon and fox and squirrel
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