I Am Me

I am who I say I am,

but who do I say I am?

Am I a success,

or am I a failure?

I am a success,

because I know who I am.


I am an athlete,

a devoted, hard working athlete.

I don't give up.

I want to win as badly I want to breathe.

A committed athlete I am.

My constancy defines me.


I am a student,

a full-time, diligent student.

I accept my academic challenges.

I strive for greatness in and out of the classroom.

I am a senior.

My hard work and challenging courses define me.


I am a kid,

a 17 year old, eager child.

I am straightening my paths ahead of me,

figuring out what is meant to be and what is not.

I am being asked to define my future.

My choices will define me.


I am who I have said that I am,

and this is who I have said I am.

I am an kid,

I am a student,

I am an athlete,

I am a success,

and this makes me, me.


I am me...





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