What I learned from my Cat

What I learned from my cat:

I learned that kitty litter,
Has a smell that,
When formally fermented,
Could make a grown man cry.
I learned that,
I tend to overfeed,
Because animals have a fast metabolism,
But I was wrong,
And now I have a fat cat.
I learned that parakeets and house cats,
Don’t make the best of friends,
And one of them will end up,
On the floor.
I learned that cats don’t sleep,
All through the night,
And although he cries outside,
I learned to shut my bedroom door.
I learned that pointing a laser,
Isn’t just an activity,
It’s an invitation to war.
I learned that,
Spraying a cat with water,
Is like punching them,
So by some mathematical property,
I punched my cat for sitting,
On my keyboard while writing this.
Please don’t call the ASPCA on me.
I learned that,
Love can bloom,
In an hour,
But allergies last three.
My mom learned that,
Animals are individuals,
And cannot be swapped,
Like empty batteries. 
I learned that,
I get goose bumps,
Whenever my cat rubs my neck,
Don’t judge me.
I learned unconditional love,
Isn’t necessarily healthy,
Because unconditional love,
Gives me facial rashes,
And turns my face into,
A mucus faucet.
I learned that cats can growl,
Especially when they’re,
Chubby and hungry.
I learned that,
Cats sometimes think,
They’re a hat,
And try to disregard gravity.
I learned that cats,
Cannot disregard gravity.
I learned that,
Cats can love you,
More personally than dogs.
Especially when I almost tripped,
Down the stairs,
Because my cat couldn’t bear,
To part with my ankles.
I learned,
That owning a cat is love.
I learned that,
Love isn’t want or need or possession,
But trusting and letting go of.
I learned that,
In two days,
My cat and I must part,
But Frankie,
Just as much as you’ve,
Conquered my sinuses,
You’ve also conquered,
My heart.


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