An Urban Symbol of Criminal Masculinity

Aggressive, Unpredictable, Violent...

attacking people on the streets, hurting newborns in their sleep,

almost as if I'm a creep!

I never meant to hurt you, but that's what society expects me to do,

in reality you don't know whats true.


Sweet, Kind, Protective....

just ask the people that know me, they'll all shake their heads and agree,

I'm less dangerous than a killer bee.

I need the attention, to get rid of all the tension, 

why in my honor they hold conventions!


Beaten, Bloody, Dirty...

I'm tired of getting treated like this, I don't want you to get pissed,

Why don't we reminisce.

Same thing happened to my brothers, society tried to kill off our mothers,

now we try to stick to each other.


Help is all I need...

They went after my brothers Dobey, tried to take Shepard,

they even went after Chow.

My big ol' Rottie even was attacked, they all were able to survive,

so why not help me...


~The American Pitbull Terrier






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