The Little Hood

Onecs in the red sun,

Little Red Riding Hood was heading out to her grandmother’s.

“Would you like me to come,” asked the mother.

“No. I should be fine by myself,” answered Little Hood.

“Little Hood there are many horrible and terrible things out there in the forest.”

“Like what?” question the Little Hood.


The mother narrates in the coldest voice she could say:

“The forest of the evil has the most strangest creatures you many meet.

Some come out of bushes, some come out of trees, and others are right in fright of you.

You may never see yourself again in this forest of horror.

You may need to learn how to defend yourself from the cruel danger.”


“Why can’t I make friends with them, mother?” question the daughter

“ It is right to make friends as you make friends at school who knows the same tongue as you,

But you or me can’t speak the voice of the animals since we live in the area they can’t live in.

If we put one foot on the land of theres, we will sweat hell out.”


“Why can’t we just share the land?”

The mother answered “It is not what you think the world will be for some days. Some days we need to be fair and other days we need to stay the way it is.”


“Then how can give gifts you took me to bring to her?” cried the Little Hood.

“ We will take the long way in life,” answered the mother.

“Across the gassed streets which used to be land of the free,

Pass through the poison gas that used to be oxygen.

Cross the bridge instead of the water.

Use an automobile instead a walk.

Cross the things that are now but not then.”

They exited the house, in utter silences.  


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Our world
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