Take Me Home


I've been walking these streets for a long time. I didnt use to though.

I had a family. He was my boy and i was his dog.

One day the boy took me for a drive to his mamma's house.

When we got there the boy started packing all of his clothes and started hugging everyone bye.

His mamma started crying and crying.

He scratched me on my head and left.

I tried to follow him but the car he was in was too fast,

but i ran and ran until my paws bled, and now im here in this little alley.

It's not that bad, but its cold and wet.

My stomach hurts from not eating in days but people just walk past me.

They dont care about me.

Except you. You stopped and scratched my ears just like my boy used to.

I wag my tail to show i trust you but it barely moves. i'm so cold and i have just have one plea.

Take me home. 

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