Forever Home


Loyalty is all I know
Forgiveness is the meaning of my life
Unconditional love is seen in my eyes.
Yet you hurt me.
Hit me.
Cage me.
And for what?
Am I not supposed to be man’s best friend?
Are you not my one true love?

I depend on your care
Yet you lack the ability – the compassion to give me health
Not from the food I eat but from the love you provide

Undeserving of neglect,
Yet left all day cramped in a soiled space.
Cold metal touches my face
Too small to house my growing body

Don’t I have feeling too?
No way to speak up at this abuse.
Not knowing when the next beating will occur,
I just bow my head and pray that mercy will be shown

My light, malnourished body is no match for you.
No way to get out.
Nowhere to go.
Lost in torture while looking for a forever home



That so sad, but animal abuse still happen.

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