Open Your Eyes

I open my eyes and hear the streets of New York City 

I look up to see only bystanders filled with pity 

My daughter, she wakes up from her cardboard bed 

She asks me when she'll be fed 

"Soon baby" I said 

I open my eyes and am filled with fear 

To see only more cosmetics for them to adhere 

It burns my eyes, my skin, and fur 

My vision is now a blur 

I can't believe this is all for some cosmetic

This industry is  truly pathetic 

I open my eyes to pop a few pills 

To feel only chills 

The doctors said they'd help 

But do they really care how I felt 

The next day I'm gone 

And now everyone cares 

But where were they before I was gone

I open my eyes to see a beautiful country 

One with flaws, one that needs change 

Change that won't be easy, but can be done

I open my mind, and the change begun 


This poem is about: 
My country


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